Friday, September 19, 2014

Surfing with the Alien

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Back at the beginning of August, I was invited by Style Kingdom's editor Dougie Boxen to take part in their Vol. 9 Challenge: Heroes and Villains. Entrants were to choose a comic book hero and create two looks: A hero outfit and an off duty look. Can you guess what I picked? lol I thought a long time about who would I portray. Which one spoke to me? Which inspired the most possibilities? Because this is a fashion magazine and a style challenge, I had the idea to develop two completely re-imagined looks using readily available items in SL. My goals in the style were: Elegant, Noble, Futuristic, ... and oh yeah, monotone colors white, grey, and black. After I sent my style shot in, and waited nervously for the results, it turned out I was one of two people who won the challenge! Woot! I feel like I just joined the Major Leagues. After that was the real photoshoot for each outfit, and this was much more time intensive that my normal blog shots because of the demands of the magazine format. It was a really cool challenge and I enjoyed it. Thanks to Dougie for inviting me. The final issue had a switch in concept from Heroes to Everyday SL. I admit, I'm curious about the other hero shots, I want see! But it was fun to go through the issue with a friend, and see if we could recognize any the heroes hiding below their secret identities. lol. I also enjoyed seeing all these badass looking ladies and sexy secretaries. Overall, great issue with beautiful pictures.  Check it out: Style Kingdom vol.9  If you're looking for me, my name got a mention on the cover and you can find my picture on page 8/9.  The pictures I'm showing in this post aren't in the issue, but I thought it would be cool to share my Hero image above, and two of my unretouched captures that I submitted for the challenge.

A few details about the the outfit above. Almost all the designers I chose from were at the FutureWave event for the simple reason that these stores are making original mesh design. I'm delighted that they got a spot in a more mainstream fashion magazine. Scifi original content makers need some loves too. The Helmet is by Blue Falcon Industries. You can switch the face shield between many different textures, I liked the white bright cyber one for my shot here. The system layers bodysuit is also by Blue Falcon Industries and comes with both white and black versions. The arm warmers by Razor come with a default hands fit and a Slink. (love that!) The texture hud will let you switch around the colors and textures. Because I really don't like sharp end between a system layer bodysuit and the neck, I added the Cyber Neck Corset by FK!Designs. Over the top is the Konvert Turtle Neck by VRSION. The boots are by A&Y Cyber Bunker. They used to be only for the girls, but no more! Yes you can get these in rigged fitted mesh for the guys! The hud that comes with it will let you play and switch around the colors too. Very nice. On the hands, I used the latex glove applier by Adam n Eve,

Hero Outfit:
Helmet: Blue Falcon Industries Viper Helmet - Male Fit V1.2 [mesh](500L)
Tanktop: VRSION KONVERT Turtle Neck [mesh](250L)
Arm Warmers: Razor Foe Gloves Fatal - Mens - Slink with hud [mesh](249L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh] (450L each)
Glove Applier: Adam n Eve latex glove (150L)
Neck Corset: FK! Designs Cyber Neck Corset - Male - White & Silver [mesh](250L)
Bodysuit: Blue Falcon Industries Armored Undersuit (300L)
Boots: A&Y Cyber Bunker Deuz Boots Metallic Male black [fitted mesh](690L)
Eyes: By Snow Citadel Eyes [mesh] (200L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 14 (990L)
Hoverboard: BareRose Metal Board (current raffle, free) [mesh]

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The full outfit for the image above you can see in the  Style Kingdom vol.9 issue. The Unsung top, vest, sleeves all work together seamlessly and have a very cool unique look. The pants by VRSION came included with the Konvert Male Boots. The folds between Unsung and VRSION work really nicely together. The Adventure Boots by Rab Labs are fitted mesh, so its simple matter to edit the shape and get the boots to fit over the pants. Love that!  The animating Citadel Eyes are By Snow. They echo wonderfully with the helmet. All the colors are changeable too.  The Nathan 14 skin texture is one of my favorites by Tableau Vivant. It has a wonderful silvery shimmer to it. truly unique. The fun hoverboard is a raffle prize from BareRose. You wear it and it will trigger a hovering animation. It's still available in the raffle if you want to camp out and win it.

Off Duty Outfit:
(to see entire outfit and magazine photo, go to Style Kingdom vol.9)
Helmet: Blue Falcon Industries Viper Helmet - Male Fit V1.2 [mesh](500L)
Vest: Unsung Angelus Jacket - Black/Black/Black [mesh](400L)
Jacket: Unsung Angelus Vest - Plain - Grey [mesh](275L)
Sleeve, Glove: Unsung Angelus Sleeves Black, Gloves Grey [mesh](190L)
Pants: VRSION KONVERT - Male boots (includes PANTS) [mesh](260L)
Boots: Rab Labs Adventure Boots White [fitted mesh](395L)
Eyes: By Snow Citadel Eyes [mesh] (200L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 14 (990L)
Hoverboard: BareRose Metal Board (current raffle, free) [mesh]

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Electric Zombie

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STORYLINE: The Electric Zombie didn't like intruders in his precious bath of glowing toxic goo. And he absolutely forbid anyone touch his favorite rubber duckie! Somethings are sacred even for the rotten.

Are you so rotten you're ripe for awesome deals and prizes in SL? Well I have some great news for you then. The first round of ROMP monthly has begun. This event works for one weekend of the month Friday 12 am to Monday 11:50 pm, designers have a brand new adult item marked down for sale 500L or less. Above, I am showing Love in Latex by Ap.parel. Today is the last day to scoop up the sales. Go the the main ROMP website for links to the other stores participating this round. Did you know there is a new MadPeas hunt, The Gathering? It runs from now to until October 30th. The theme is Aliens. Are you a skeptic or a believer? Complete the quest and win this badass neon MireHawk by 7 Mad Ravens, and the fun Dirty Bath with floating Alien Duckie by Noctis.  I know, hurry up and tell you where to score this Zombie Boy skin, right? It's by Kalina over at Totally Top Shelf and on sale too. I got the Scary Eyes by Kalina on the gacha also there. The zombie skin has a texture on the hands that's cool but I wanted to wear slink hands, so I used the 7 Mad Ravens Reaper Gloves applier with the By Snow wearable demo zombie nails in black, and for the underlaying skin,I used the Kooqla Knight silver. The Cuffs are by Heathenesque and I used the x,y,z script includes to scale them up for a nice fit and they cover any seams.  And now a sneak peek at cool things to come in the next round of Creation.Jp, -- three new piercing sets by Haus of Darcy. I'm showing above #3 and I tinted it green to match the eyes. Creation.Jp starts September 20th.

On Him, Electric Zombie:
Singlet: AP.PAREL Love in Latex - Black Hex [mesh](ROMP)(199L)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy Creation.JP #3 - Silver Lining [mesh](Creation.JP, opens Sept 20th)
Cuffs: Heathenesque Black Brute Cuff [mesh](125L)
Headress: 7 Mad;Ravens Alien MireHawk [mesh](Madpeas The Gathering)(hunt prize)
Applier Glove: 7 Mad;Ravens Reaper gloves (150L)
Applier nails: By Snow Nails Appliers - Zombie black (free)
Appliers: Koolqa Knight - Slink Appliers hands(100L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Eyes: Kalina Scary Eyes  - pistachio, gacha [mesh](Totally Top Shelf)(45L)
Skin, Shape: Kalina Rick Genest Skin (Totally Top Shelf)(199L)
Pose: Del May Seeking you (variant) (50L)

Tub, duckie: Noctis dirty bath w alien duckie [mesh](Madpeas The Gathering)(hunt prize)
Set: Pandemonium Ransacked Shack

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Campus Royal

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STORYLINE: If he had his way, he would stay in his posh royal bed, sipping blood wine, instead of braving the daylight, fangirls, and pompous professors who have no respect for the crown. It was dull. However, he rather enjoyed strolls in the shadow of the cathedral. No one bothered him there. He wasn't exactly sure why. The rumors the old place was haunted couldn't possibly be true, could it?

Did you pick up this awesome Fratboy suit by Swagga at 24 Squared? No? You better run! This sweet schoolboy outfit is a Limited Edition! Once its sold out, it's gone for good. Run Run, 24 closes tonight. There is a Light and Dark version. It comes with jacket and shirt, or just shirt, tie, and pants. It includes a texture change hud for the shirt color, tie, and belt. For the princely style is the new King hair by Ayashi. You can pick up at the Kings & Queen event. It comes with a materials enabled crown, and also a separate crown you can wear with any hair. The crown is mod so you can tint it. The beautifully crafted satchel is by David Heather. The bags come in either hippo or puppy, and has many different leather texture options. The bag comes rigged, non rigged, and has a pose trigger. The Wingtip shoes by Deco I love and they often come in handy. I am really loving the Echo skin by Tableau Vivant. If you missed it on sale, don't worry you can find it on the 2nd floor of the Tableau Vivant mainstore.

On Him:
Hair: Ayashi King hair-Blond set [mesh](Kings & Queens) (250L)
Shirt, tie, jacket, pants: Swagga Fratboy Suit Dark [mesh](24 squared)(499L)
Bag: David Heather Kababagga Satchel/Unrigged/Grey [mesh](300L)
Shoes, socks: DECO Wingtip Shoe Medium - Coal [mesh] (250L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)
Eyes: IKON Hope eyes [mesh] (group gift, free)
Skin, Applier: Tableau Vivant Mort Vivant dark (990L)

Home of Morphe Inc

The Dark Circus 3: Puppet

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STORYLINE: Finding good performers for the circus is hard to do these days, unless you happen to be a gifted necromancer like the Ringmaster.

I'm Mad mad mad for 7 Mad Ravens! Almost everything in the outfit above is M7R!  Don't miss out on  7 Mad Raven deals at the Thrift Shop this round. The Creep You Out creepers Punked Out V-neck Top (see below), and Body Bind are all on discount at the Thrift Shop. Over at Totally Top Shelf has a wonderfully wicked Carnival theme for all your Evil Carnie needs. I love the 7 Mad Raven Freakshow Ticket and Eyeballs Popcorn rings. Over at the main store, you pick up these badass Bat Wing Neons. They flicker and glow sporadically, and make funny comments in local chat. They're from the Neons gacha, and you can win several styles. The Gullillotine necklace comes in bloody and clean and works for girls and guys. The Crash Jeans Heavy Grunge are wonderfully textured like you've been rolling around under cars in a mechanic shop for weeks. lol The Jacket is really cool shape, short in the front and long in the back. You can pick it up in several different colors. And the last of the 7 Mad Raven goodies is this badass Devil's Waitin' Fedora. It comes with a texture hud to switch out the hat band and metal stud colors.

On Him, The Ringmaster:
Top: 7mad;Ravens Punked Out Top-V1[mesh] (Thrift Shop)(75L)
Shoes: 7mad;Ravens Creep You Out - Red [mesh] (Thrift Shop) (100L)
Undershirt: 7mad;Ravens Body Bind (Thrift Shop) (80L)
Ring: 7mad;Ravens Ticket Stub Ring [mesh] (Totally Top Shelf)(200L)
Necklace: 7mad;Ravenss Bloody Guillotine Necklace [mesh] (150L)
Pants: 7mad;Ravens Crash Jeans-Heavy Grunge [mesh] (189L)
Hat: 7mad;Ravenss Devil's Waitin' Fedora [mesh](199L) 
Wings: 7mad;Ravens NeonWings-Bat, gacha [mesh] (70L)
Jacket: 7mad;Ravens Shinedown-Red [mesh] (150L)
CuffsBLITZED Legacy Cuffs - black [mesh] (299L)
Hairbase: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Snow (107L)
Applier tattoo: Clemmm Damaged Hands (99L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Fashionable Black applier for Slink hands (1L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)
Appliers: Koolqa Knight - Slink Appliers HANDS, Feet (100L each)
Ears: Trap Vampire Ears [mesh](200L)
Skin: Kooqla Knight of Rose - silver (990L)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Finding good performers for the circus is hard to do these days, unless you happen to be gifted in the dark arts like the RingMaster.

I went crazy with this set, the idea being Carnival Cemetery. lol The Undead Puppet is played by Kariritaisho. She is showing the lovely Sugar Garden Head mesh head with gothic makeup. Her hair is cute braided updo with bow by Sweet Things. You can pick it up at the Kings and Queens fair. While you are there, drop by Dollle's for the this interesting umbrella-like Farthingale dress. Her Ballerina ribbons are by Bacio, stockings by Cannibelle. The Puppeteer pose is one she won at the WetCat gacha.

Now let me tell you some more about this setting. Twisted hunters are in a very nice treat, Death Row had created a spooky cool mesh Carousel! It spins and you can sit on horses or the booth. Fantastic gift! Thank you!  The Open Raven Tomb and the Dearly Departed grave series are all new releases by Noctis. You have edit permissions so you can move things around if you need. The tomb comes with poses, lighting, and creepy ground fog. I love Noctis so much, the textures are so nice and create perfect ambience. Adding to the scene, is the Contraption Dulci'matic from the current round of The Arcade. I love these music boxes too. Next to it is the Sess Tester game by Theosophy at The Arcade.  Behind it, is the game Whack-a-Noob by Weather or Not and I'm happy to report they have returned to SecondLife! Just follow the link on the stylecard below to go to the new store location. Welcome back <!WorN?> In the back is the Madame Zola's Fortune teller set by Noctis, this is an oldie but a goodie and comes with poses too. The others tents are by Gothic Desires and come some adult animations, it was prize from a past Twisted Hunt. Be sure to do the Twisted Hunt this round, it's theme is Time Warp, it means all colors and past themes this time. The amount of prizes are staggering! Go have some fun, gang!

On Her, The Puppet:
Hair: Sweet Thing Catherine Hair [mesh](Kings & Queens)(249L)
Dress: Dollle 052 Farthingale Outfit - Black [mesh](Kings & Queens)
Head: The Sugar Garden Tsu Mesh Head B Tone [mesh]
Stockings applier: Cannibelle Charmed suspender tights
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High [mesh](675L)
Shoes: Bacio Ballerina Slink High [mesh](129L)
Eyes: Adored siren eyes - unreal (90L)
Eyelashes, eyeliner: Gaeline Creations Mesh Lashes Divina [mesh] (180L)
Pose: WetCat "Puppeteer" #1, gacha

Setting, The Dark Carnie Camp:
Carousel: Death Row twisted hunt GIFT carousel [mesh](Twisted Hunt)
Music Box: Contraption Dulci'matic: The Children RARE, gacha [mesh] (The Arcade)
Game 1: Theosophy Sass Tester, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)
Game 2: Weather or Not <!WorN?> Whack-a-Noob Game [mesh]
Tomb: Noctis Open raven tomb with candles [mesh] (155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #1 [mesh](155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #2 [mesh](155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #3 [mesh](155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #4 [mesh](155L)
Fortune Teller Tent: Noctis Madame Zola's Fortune teller set (275L)
Tents: Gothic Desires Circus sex tent (past, Twisted Hunt)
Thanks for your help Kariritaisho!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dark Circus 2: The Ringmaster

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STORYLINE: The vampire leader of the Dark Circus was part Necromancer, part Clown, but all Master of Ceremonies. "Ladies and gentlemen, boils and ghouls, welcome to The Greatest Show Unearthed!"

All fans of Elegant Gothic Lolita and Aristocrat have a treat this round at The Arcade by Remarkable Oblivion, -- the Melancholy set! You can collect the hat, collar, crinoline, garter, and wrist cuffs in black, white, and red versions. I could not resist stylizing this up for the guys. I used all the infernal pieces from the set except for the wrist cuffs. The "leg cage" was a bit daring, but I think turned out pretty cool. (see below)   Pictured above is the new Haus of Darcy piercing and paint set Ri Fhaolchu (Wolf King) and Banríon Faolchú (Wolf Queen) exclusives to We <3 Role Play, (exclusive meaning once September ends, they're gone never to be sold again!) For my image, I used the two bonus items from the Royal Deluxe fatpack: the bonus Blood Drop color piercings, and the bonus liquid Royal Eyeshadow. The Royal Deluxe fatpack includes all 4 metal colors male and female piercing sets plus the bonus Blood Drop, and Wolf King and Queen facepaints including the bonus Royal eyeshadow. Royal Deluxe fatpack is limited to only 200 copies.   On the lips is Ink Spit lip stripe by Forsaken. This is a really nice thin sharp lip stripe and it comes with a faded option and a handy tintable version like I used above to make the stripe red.

On Him, The Ring Master:
Collar: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy Collar Inferno RARE, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(75L)
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy TopHat Inferno, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(75L)
Piercings, makeup: Haus of Darcy Rí Fhaolchú & Banríon Faolchú Royal Deluxe [mesh](We <3 Role Play)(150L) Sale 50%
Lip: FORSAKEN Ink spit lip stripe tintable (75L)
Hair: Argrace ARATA - White [mesh] (250L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)
Ears: Trap Vampire Ears [mesh](200L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Violet Eye (50L)
Skin: Kooqla Knight of Rose - silver (990L)

(click to enlarge)

Another fantastic goodie you will not want to miss is the Twisted Hunt items from Souzou Eien. The Gothbrella shown above is one of three styles you can win at the Twisted gacha. Each umbrella comes with 7 static poses, and one hold pose that is AO compatible. The rares come with a texture change hud for new colors on the fabric, ribbons, beads, metals, and hand grip. Try to find the allusive Twisted hunt object, because inside is the fantastic mesh prop, the Scrying Ruins. It's mod too, so you can change the color of the water bowl like I did, or tint the glowing crystals. For my stylizing, I really love this combination of the ::K:: Buttoned Jodhpurs with the Lassitude & Ennui Wanderlust boots, and BOOM Sixty-Two Jacket.

On Him, The Ring Master:
Cage: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy Dress Inferno, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(75L)
Garter: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy  Garter Inferno, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(75L)
Umbrella: Souzou Eien Gothbrella Ruffle RARE, gacha [mesh](Twisted Hunt)(75L)
Jacket: BOOM Sixty-Two Jacket Set - sugar [mesh](past, Fantasy Faire)
Pants: ::K:: Buttoned Jodhpurs Plain-Noir Male [mesh] (190L)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui Wanderlust boots male - black [mesh](280L)
Pose: Clemmm day 3 (30L)

Prop: Souzou Eien Scrying Ruins, 17 LI [mesh](Twisted Hunt #028)(free)

Souzou Eien is having the one year anniversary 50% off sale on mesh clothes, there is a free 75L gift card at the landing, and joining the group is free for September and includes all past group gifts. September 1st - 30th

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shop til you Drop - FATEwear 50% sale

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FATEwear is having a End of Summer 50% off sale!  All items on the island, not just a few items. Does that include FATEplay? Why, yes it does! Goodies for girls and guys! Hurry over and reel in the deals. Sale ends September 10th.

Pictured above are the FATEwear Grayon shorts and Gene shirt. The shirt has an anchor pattern, and the shorts have an anchor on the back pockets. The shirt comes in tucked and untucked styles. All the bags around me are actually the boxes you open to get your FATEwear goodies. I included two FATEplay action figure boxes too. The Aidoru hairstyle by Tableau Vivant on sale at District 5. It comes with a face bandage so you can cosplay Japanese Rock Star if you want. The Classic Vampire Sunglasses by Goth1c0 were at the OMGgacha and you can play it now at the mainstore. The shades remind of me of the ones Gary Oldman wore in the movie Dracula. Sweet. The cuffs are Mandala and I wear them often, and by often I mean almost always. For the summer I am bringing back the CheerNo Kenm but this summer I used only the legs and feet and Slink for the hands. The Tired Soul sandals by BOOM are Slink Sandals for girls and guys, they were in past Collabo88 round and comfortable for shopping in. Okay, enough talk. Get Shopping!

On him, Dev:
Shirt: FATEwear Shirt - Gene - Scripted - untucked [mesh](150L) Sale 50%
Shorts, belt: FATEwear Shorts - Grayon - Scripted [mesh] (125L) Sale 50%
Hair: Tableau Vivant Aidoru Series - Reita  [mesh] (District 5, Industrial)(250L)
Sandles: BOOM Tired Sole Sandals Gents [mesh]
Shades: Goth1c0 Classic Vampire Sunglasses - transparent, gacha [mesh](69L)
Cuffs: Mandala Bracelets SANKARA Black (427L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Legs, Feet: CheerNo Ken V.2_Maori Pale [mesh](1299L)
Body: CheerNo Ken V.2_Maori Pale (Dressing Room Fusion) (edit for head/neck) [mesh] (70L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Violet Eye (50L)
Pose: TableauVivant man4 pose


Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Secret of Castle BlueBeard, 3

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.....WARNING: Much Horror in the finale.....

STORYLINE: She had enough of being scared of bumps in the night, ghosts in her dreams, and being left alone in a dark cold castle. She was not afraid! There was nothing in North Tower, it was merely unsafe. Perhaps it had some crumbling masonry? She grabbed the red key and marched up to the forbidden room. She didn't even pause to reconsider, before she shoved the door open. There, with his back to her the middle of room, stood her husband. He spun around and dropped a goblet in shock. It collided with the cold stone floor. A strange silvery substance splashed out. He was pale and feverish. His hair now a deep metallic blue. "You!" He pointed a long finger at her, "You're just like the rest. Worthless! I told you never come here!" He withdrew his sword, and waved it at her menacingly as he wobbled on his feet. Fresh blood dripped down the blade. She gasped and covered her mouth. "You did this to me! All of you!," he roared. "I traveled the world. No potion too insignificant! No matter what I tried, none of you whores could produce an heir." He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her. She squeaked and tried to loosen his grip. "You're not well, my love! What did you drink? Are you mad from wine?" He threw her on top of a pile of slain women. Who were all these women? What were they doing here? Why are they all killed? The shock was too much, and she fainted. "I was going to keep you, I loved you. I have no need for wives or lovers anymore. There will be no heir. I am the heir, the elixir has made me immortal!" He raised his sword high in the air to strike her down, but before he could deliver the killing blow, he coughed and fell to his knees. He began to vomit violently large volumes of liquid metal. Then the tremors stopped and he lay motionless in a pool of blood, vomit, and mercury.

I hope you all liked my twist to the tale of Bluebeard. Don't forget today is the last day for many great events! From Enchantment is the Good Wife ring. This is a nice ring that can fit either girls or guy and has a hud to change the textures. If you need a wedding ring or might need one in the future, you better run go get this now. The Aisling prize is the Bad Wife necklace. Its a key on a ribbon and it also has a texture change hud. This cool sword by Kalopsia is stamp prize. When you touch it, you can trigger 3 animations. The sword comes in clean and bloody. Nice! Bluebeards beard is by Tarnished and another fun stamp prize. What would a gothic villain be without an intense stare? Chop Shop has some nice Watching eyes that works great for Bluebeard. The coat he is wearing is by Peqe and also last day to pick it up on sale at We <3 Role Play. The shoulders are nice and square, love it. Also by Peqe is the fur wrap available at Tales of Fantasy. I got the white one and tinted it red for bluebeard. The wraps come in male and female, and several styles and colors. Over at the men's Department is is nice non-rigged mesh hair by Dura. I love the messiness of it. I got the white and tinted it to match the beard and coat. The armor is from The Forge gacha at Fantasy Gacha. Behind Bluebeard are two shocking Enchantment stamp prizes. The Bluebread Bodies by Death Row with a several wives hanging from hooks. This is really nicely done, if you like horror items, don't miss this. Adding more scare to the scene is Unrepentant's Heads on a Rope. Their hair is used to tie them to the rope. You can edit the mesh for tint and scale. .. Well you guys better get busy! You have lots of places to hit today before they close. Take care, and beware of men with Blue Beards.  Boowahahahaha

On him, Bluebeard:
Necklace: Aisling The Bad Wife [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Ring: Aisling The Good Wife [mesh](Enchantment)(350L)
Sword: Kalopsia Blubeard Sword [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Beard: Tarnished Bluebeard {tint} [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Eyes: Chop Shop Watching - blue [mesh](Enchantment)(50L)
Coat: Peqe Ser's Coat [mesh](We <3 Role Play)(330L) Sale
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy*51, edit tint [mesh](The Men's Department)(130L)
Wrap: Peqe Twisted Stole, Male, edit tint [mesh](Tales of Fantasy)(200L)
Armor: The Forge Beserk Upper Guard, gold [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Lip: Random Matters Chapstick - Mercury (130L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Skin, Applier: Tableau Vivant Echo - Mortui (dark)(We <3 Role Play)(495L)Sale
Pose: Axix Legendary Warrior, gacha (50L)

Bodies: Death Row bluebeard bodies [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Heads: Unrepentant Heads On A Rope [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Tower: Poetica Ivy Tower - dark [mesh] (2000L or 1800L)