Monday, August 18, 2014

Ghosts of August, 3

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STORYLINE: With her camera and photos confiscated, the schoolgirl left the spirit world empty-handed. Or so she thought. She began to see things: a shadow darted before her, a bright glowing orb in the corner of the room.... She was already on edge as she walked home. She looked up and saw a figure walking precariously along the edge of town's ancient tower wall. It appeared to be a woman who was ridged or maybe drunk. Then suddenly the lady slipped and fell. 

Nice things for Elegant Lolitas to enjoy this month! The new release from Rokumeikan, Attempted Suicide Doll, comes with shirt top, collar, bandages for the arms, skirt, underskirt, checkered stockings, hat, and a parasol with pose. The black and white textures with with stripes is really striking, and I love the nicely textured parasol. The creepy cool forked tongue by DownDownDown you can pick up at Kagami. Touch it and you can change the color to green, mint, blue, black, white, pink and red. It comes with materials for that extra slimly look. lol. DownDownDown also has a creepy super long tongue at Kagami. The tongues are unrigged mesh so you scale them and move them around, no problem. The Jinx hair is a current gift from Truth in pastel colors. It's a perfect Lolita hair. The face band is The Blues Hunt prize from Cubic Cherry. This beautiful doll head is one of several group gifts from DollCoco. These are the past mesh doll heads. The eyes come either fixed or closed.

On Her, the Broken Doll:
Dress, hat, bandages, parasol: RokumeikaN +RMK*Attempted suicide doll [mesh](700L)
DownDownDown Snake tongue [mesh](Kagami)(150L)
Faceband: Cubic Cherry The Void face band [mesh] (Blues Hunt)(5L)
Hair: Truth Hair Jinx pastels [mesh](free)
Head: DollCoco *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Anna [mesh](group gift, free)

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STORYLINE: Horrified, the schoolgirl screamed and ran toward the lady only to discover it wasn’t a lady at all, -- it was a shattered doll. Its head rocked gently and a forked tongue flicked out of its mouth. Then the doll faded away as if nothing had been there at all. The cycle began again a few moments later when it reappeared to do its awkward waltz on the stone wall.

Trap makes it debut at We <3 Role Play this month. You can scoop up the Raven Wings on sale. They come in four poses and colors Silver/Bronze or White/Black. The DollCoco body was a past group gift from over a year ago. It worked perfectly with the retired doll heads. The old body is very thin and usually needs special clothes designed for it. In order for the doll to wear normal clothes, I removed the upper torso and created a simple prim neck. Wala!

On Her, the Broken Doll:
Wings: Trap Black Riven Wing [mesh](We <3 Role Play) (100L) Sale 50% off
Shoes: G Field Gina - black [mesh] (280L)
Body: DollCoco DOLLCOCO*_Body snow [mesh](past group gift, free)
Pose: momomuller / 3M 1209 (40L)

Location: RMK Gothic

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ghosts of August, 2

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STORYLINE: As he darted from rooftop to rooftop in his search of a fugitive evil spirit, a scent stopped him dead in his tracks. There was something definitely going on this tiny town on the outskirts of the spirit world. He could swear he smelled a human girl.

What luck that Fantasy Gacha this round has Asia as one of the 3 main themes. I had fun picking up a few pieces to wear while playing the Kagami game. The Empresses Staff by Tia comes with a hud to change it's colors, Naturally I gothed it up some. The Axis Musha headband is another rare that comes with a hud to change it's colors. The War Fans by Black Pearls I flipped on it's side and tinted red. Sale sale from We <3 Role Play is the must-have pale tone for Echo. It includes hand and foot appliers. Also by Tableau Vivant is the Nyoki hair. It comes with scalp textures, a rigged dreadlock, and feathers. The red face tattoo is a free gift at Kagami by Air / ::KU::. It includes a 3rd eye for your forehead. The Ron scarfs are by FATEwear. Like all FATEwear you can tint the mesh whoch is what I did here. The eyes are Chammy Lust by S0NG. Vampire Ears by Trapp.

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: He searched the gloom from his perch above the town. The strange mechanical clicking sound he heard, it was a human device. He heard it again, and this time he was sure. It was a camera shutter. There is no way he could allow photographs to be taken of the spirit realm! He needed to find that girl fast!

This wonderful outfit Jinbei for men is by Silvery K at Kagami. It comes with a hud for switching around the textures. I love the horror theme textures on this. And speaking of horror goodies at Kagami, how about these bloody spiked Geta by CerberusXing? They are awesome and work with Slink flatfoot, but if you want to wear them on the default avatar you can too. The geta come in different colors, and there is short version for the ladies slink mid foot. The lantern I am holding is a Naminoke gift you can pick up at the entrance to the Kagami game. The Grapple and the Ninja belt are both from the Pucca Firecaster gacha at Fantasy Gacha. You can edit the mesh for the best fit or tinting.

On Him, Ghost Ninja:
Outfit: Silvery K Jinbei For Men BlackEbony [mesh](Kagami)(400L)
Sandles: CerberusXing Sasu Geta Black+Bloody[mesh](Kagami)(300L)
Makeup: AIR ::KU:: Third eye, FOX face tattoo_CM (Kagami)(free)
Lantern: Naminoke N*TEmoChi Chouchin_KAGAMI (Kagami)(free)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyoki Hair, Dreads, feathers Male [mesh](We <3 Role Play)(225L) Sale
Staff: Tia Empress Staff, Ultra rare [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Headband: Axix Mushu Headband, Ultra rare [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Rope: Pucca Firecaster Creations NinjaStuffs - Grapple [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Belt: Pucca Firecaster Creations NinjaStuffs - Ninjutsu belt [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(75L)
Prop: Black Pearls [BP] War Fans v07 common [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Necklace: Mandala Bracelets SANKARA Black (427L)
Scarf: FATEwear Scarf - Ron (edit tint)(250L)
Ears: Trap Vampire Ears [mesh](200L)
Stockings 2: Sugar & Cyanide Toeless Stockings - Slink black (69L)
Nails applier: By Snow Wicked Nails (75L)
Applier tattoo: Clemmm Damaged Hands (99L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)(free)
Eyes: S0NG Charmmy~ Lust Eye [mesh] (50L)
Skin, Appliers: Tableau Vivant Echo - Mort Vivant dark (We <3 Role Play)(495L) Sale
Pose: Hot Dive Pose Wall (30L)

Location: Kagami

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ghosts of August, 1

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STORYLINE: It was exciting this time of year, the spirits were so near! The young school girl could hardly believe it herself, -- she had crossed over to the spirit realm. The first time was an accident, but this time she knew what she needed to do, she needed to document the excursion! Can you imagine what her friends at school would say if they saw these images?

It's the time of the Bon Festival in Japan, and once more the Japanese Horror Event has returned! This year's Kagami is not to be missed. Travel along with a schoolgirl to solve the mystery of her missing classmate. At the Kagami landing is a wonderful marketplace of items in a Japanese Horror theme. Once you are dressed and ready to go, make sure your script count is low or you will not allowed to continue. Be careful about picking up objects on the sim, they could top you into the red and get you teleported home. I tried to eat a rat snack on stick and almost got booted for it. lol To start, go here, head to the Red Torrii gate, and walk through. On the path in front of you is a sign. Click that for the Hud, wear it, and accept giving it permission to teleport you. Once you are done with Part 1 and found the Youkai 1- 26, you get sent back to start and begin again. But don't worry, the walk down the Torrii path once more and it will take you to part 2. Have fun!

But wait there's more! I have a 2nd game for you. It's hud based quest at "Mayu and Kenta's Summer Vacation." Complete each task and then go the prize area to redeem one gift. The stamp rally last until Sept 11th. The Sakka's Studio Ghost Kimono is a prize there and it has a headband that triggers a ghost pose. The kimono itself has a faded bottom and alpha to hide your legs. Awesome prize!

Two great items from Tableau Vivant, first this awesome ghostly pale skin from the Echo line ALSO includes an applier for the hands. YES! The skins are beautiful and I will be showing you them some more. Don't miss this sale at We <3 Role Play. The Legend Hair is theme for Hades and comes with a crown, but guess what, this hair also works great for other headgear! The Ghost Fingers is hand and nail applier group gift by Kooqla. The scary black oily Purge makeup is by SongBird. The Orbs of Mist eyes are a group gift by Candy Mountain. The Musha necklace by Axix is part of the Fantasy Gacha event going on now. It has the theme this time of Asia, Pirate, and Viking. Naturally I lost my mind for so much awesome new mesh Asian themed things. The Bon Chouchin lantern is a gacha rare, but it comes from the Kagami Event. Touch it to turn the lamp on and off. Fuubutsu Dou also has nice horror themed items for you, a Bonseki set and dark Tea set with skulls. The  Happy Dispatch wall scroll is a brilliant additional for you horror decor with cool Japanese ghost drawings! I buy this so fast! lol And the Summer Bunking Zabuton is also awesome, so many great original animations! Props will automatically attach you as you pose too. The Ghost Legs table is a gift at Kagami by DownDownDown. The skull decoration is a gift from Aisling you can find at the main store. Happy Ghost Hunting gang!

On Ghost:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Legend Hair - Hades [mesh] (Collabor88)(188L)
Kimono, headband: Sakka's Studio Yuurei Kimono Male, Yuurei Zukin [mesh](Mayu & Kenta's Summer Vacation)(free)
Neckalce: Axix Mushu Necklace, gacha [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Makeup: SongBird Purge The Darkness (100L)
Eyes: Candy Mountain orbs of mist [mesh] (group gift, 75L to join)(free)
Hand, Nails appliers: KOOQLA (group gift, 10L to join)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Skin, Applier: Tableau Vivant Echo - Mortui (dark)(We <3 Role Play)(495L)Sale

Seat cushion: Happy Dispatch Summer Bunking ZABUTON [mesh](Kagami)(180L)
Wall hanging: Happy Dispatch KAKEJIKU(Hanging scroll)-Japanese afterlife- [mesh](Kagami)(85L)
Lamp: Fuubutsu Dou Bon Chouchin, RARE [mesh](Kagami)(50L)
Furniture: Fuubutsu Dou Bonseki Set [mesh](Kagami)(300L)
Furniture: Fuubutsu Dou TeaCase [mesh](Kagami)(300L)
Table: DownDownDown DDD_Gift_Ghost leg table (Kagami)(free)
Skulls: Aisling Skulls Souvenirs [mesh] (free)
House: Trompe Loeil Kumotori Bath House, shell [mesh](300L)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Pleasure Palace: Welcome to Cursed

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STORYLINE: As the ex-A.N.G.E.L was led under guard to the dungeon, a sudden swarm of bats attacked. He had never seen such a thing in his whole life. But these were not normal bats, they were huge! In the chaos, he made a break for it. Plasma blasts were fired at him, but he didn't stop. Suddenly an enormous black form landed in front of him. Giant bat wings spread out blocking his path. "You are quite difficult to find Lost One. However after the stunt you pulled on live television, it was only a matter of time we find you." The A.N.G.E.L stumbled backward in shock. "Wait, you're a vampire?" He turned, and looked behind him. Other vampires were attacking Kujo's guards too. "But I don't understand," he shook his head. "I thought I was the only one left. How is this possible! There isn't enough pure human left in the world, how do you feed?" The white haired vampire smiled warmly, "There is much to talk about, but perhaps at a more opportune time. Come, we will take you home to the city of Cursed. You are welcome to stay with us as long as you like."

The moment I saw the preview picture of the Marquise bed by Kalopsia, I knew I had to have it! Can you believe it's only 100L at the Baroque round of Genre? Run go get it! It's a no brainer! The canopy is 7 land impact, the bed is 20, and it's mod. It has single and couple pg poses. Next to the bed on the right is the Coffin Couch, also by Kalopsia. Seriously, every vampire needs one of these babies. The back side has a pall bearer bar and handcuffs. lol It's 8 land impact, comes in adult or pg, and white, tan, or black, and you can mod it. It was from ROMP that ends today but should be moving to the main store soon. Also from ROMP, to the left of the bed, is the Frogstar Solitary Satisfaction Bench that will work perfectly in a gothic or baroque bedroom. It's 2 land impact, comes in either white/silver or black/gold, and it's mod. It has pg and adult single poses for men and women. The rest of the room are goodies I have collected over time for my bedroom. The rich red rug is part of the Evendim set by Senzafine that was at World Goth Fair. The candelabra are from the Gothic bedroom set from Akaesha's ReACT Castle Gothica Bedroom Suite. The candles on the floor are by Mesh Nation, it's original mesh with full perms. Providing the soundtrack to the spooky goings-on is the Contraption Orchestrion: Haunted Maze music box which I tinted red to match the room, lol. The red curtains came from the Gothic Gaslight Chaise by Snowbound. The castle is Poetica's Ivy Tower dark. ... I am wearing a fantastic crimson clock by Junbug from a past Fantasy Gacha. I played that thing so many times to get the red. lol The hair is one of those rare ones that work on both guys and girls. The bat wings are by Remarkable Oblivion. The mask was a wonderful gift by LNS from World Goth Fair. Under the cloak I am wearing the Red Phamton by Rokumeikan. Team Blogger Bat stikes again. lol To see the story behind Aarya's Enforcer Kiara and her stylecard, head over to the Dark Phantom blog.

Bed: Kalopsia Le Lit de la Marquise - Black [mesh](Genre - Baroque)(pg 100L)
Bench: Frogstar Solitary Satisfaction Bench [mesh](Black Gold) (ROMP)(200L adult)
Couch: Kalopsia Coffin Couch - Black [mesh](ROMP)(adult 500L, pg 200L)
Rug: Senzafine Evendim Seating Set Crimson, Exclusive [mesh](past, World Goth Fair)
Candlbra: Akaesha's React Citadel Candelabra [mesh]
Candles: Mesh Nation Cluster of Candles [mesh] (150L)
Music Box: Contraption Orchestrion: Haunted Maze [mesh](past, The Arcade)
Curtains: Snowbound Gothic Gaslight Chaise (no longer available)
Tower: Poetica Ivy Tower - dark [mesh] (2000L or 1800L)

On him, Enforcer Dev:
Cape: JunBug Heathcliff The Lord's Cloak in Crimson [mesh](past, Fantasy Gacha)
Hair: Magicka Blame [mesh](250L)
Headdress: Remarkable Oblivion Malificient Head Wing [mesh](149L)
Mask: LaNoir Soleil Designs SECRET IDENTITY MASKS  BLACK/RED [mesh]
Outfit: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Prince of Phantom* Red (700L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)(free)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Violet Eye (50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 (990L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas *FN* Malkavian (50L)

On her, Enforcer Kiara:
Crown: Souzou Eien Chained Regalia Crown
Hair: LaNoir Soleil Designs Cinda
(For Kiara's story and stylecard, see Aarya's blog Dark Phantom)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Pleasure Palace: The Game Master

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STORYLINE: "Welcome to my private residence, ex-A.N.G.E.L," Kujo smirked. "I suppose you must be quite thirsty for your reward by now? This is Rook, she is the Eden I promised you. She liked your song. I had hoped you would come work for me. The Battle Bot match was a test to see how you would perform under pressure. Sadly, you are far too violent and unpredictable to be hirable. And since Rook is much more valuable than you are, I can't release her to you. You have ruined my plans for the last time. But don't worry, we will make it as painless as possible. You will be heavy dosed on opium until you die. Goodbye A.N.G.E.L."

Romp and Month of Games are ending soon, if you have not checked them out yet, hurry over! The Month of Games has products in the themes of classic board games Chess, Candyland, and Clue. Pictured above on Rook is cool combination of the Vengeful Threads Pawn lolita dress and Zanze Rook dress. Pawn includes a cute collar with little chess pieces on it. The Zanze Rook comes with a mesh dress, sleeves and Rook hat. In the background is a Rook staff from the Down Down Down chess piece gacha. Her stockings are by Cannibelle and work with Slink. Her hair is rigged mesh by Curio Obscura. Touch it to change the colors, many options included! Her heels were available during World Goth Fair, but I wasn't able to track them down at the Deadpool mainstore. This awesome skin is a group gift by Essences. ... Now over on Kujo, I have a funky mix of Tuxedo and Latex. lol This was inspired by the Latex Bowtie by BOOM available at ROMP. It's open collar RLV and includes a hud to change the colors. You can edit and modify to get the perfect fit, or add a tint. This Tuxedo is gorgeous. I highly recommend it. It come with shirt, open and closed jacket, handkerchief, and cumberbun. It also has materials. Hair is once more the Makoto hair by Aysashi. This hair is so nice! The shades are by Gos. Touch them for a menu to change the frame and len color, or wear them up or down. My favorite dress shoes are the Bradford by PixelFashion. Noctis skin is so badass, I love it and wear it often, love the brows. lol The pose is a new group gift from Del May. ... Now about the setting. This scene was inspired by the Kuro's Declan Set on sale at ROMP. It just seems perfect for a men's club, smoking room, or a secret society's headquarters. You really need to come try the demos for these, they are awesome. The sofa and chair can texture change, and they are also editable. I tweaked the colors for this post and made them taller for my size. It has materials also. The animations come in M/F, FFM, and MMF, adult and pg. Included in the set is the floorlamp that turns on and off, the table, and whip and box props. You can also buy individual pieces. The body bags are a new group gift by Contraption and come materials enabled.

On Him, Kujo:
Bowtie: BOOM Dapper Gents Bowtie Open Collar [mesh](ROMP)(170L)
Tuxedo: Kauna Tuxedo Handkerchief, Jacket, Tuxedo Trousers Black [mesh] (896L)
Undershirt: Radical Dreamers Fitted Latex Catsuit w/o Materials [mesh](600L)
Shades: [Gos] Custom Eyewear - SCT (800L)
Hair: Ayashi Makoto - whites [mesh](250L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands On Hip, Cigarette, Gesture [mesh] (450L each)
Shoes: PixelFashion Bradford Shoes Black V [mesh] (390L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - bald -Tone 01 (Boystown) (990L)
Pose: Del May DM - Alley Catch Group Gift (free)

On Her, Rook:
Dress: Vengeful Threads The Pawn - Dress, Collar [mesh](Month of Games)(245L)
Hat, Sleeves: Zanze Chess Gown Sleeve, Chess Hat White Rook [mesh](Month of Games)(325L)
Stockings, applier: Cannibelle Big Stripe Stockings - Black (50L)
Heels: DEADPOOL Grave Strides Slink High Heels [mesh](past, World Goth Fair)
Hair: Curio Obscura Erstwhile Spirals Hairstyle [mesh] (250L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High [mesh](675L)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel INK LipGloss (75L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic gen4 - m/r - blue surf [mesh] (150L)
Skin: Essences Jamie gift (group gift, free)

Sofa, chair, lamp, table, whip, box: Kuro Declan's Set [mesh](ROMP)(pg 1000L, adult 1600L)
Staff: Down Down Down DDD_Alice's Chess rod_Rook (W), gacha [mesh](40L)
Skybox scene: Garden of Dreams The Library (2000L)
Bodies: Contraption [mesh](group gift, free)
Chandeliers: Madpeas MadPea Chandelier [mesh](past hunt prize)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: As he was lead away, the Cursed A.N.G.E.L overheard a heated argument. A young man was being tortured for an investigative story he published on Earth News. Apparently, he found out the EVA team manager was given a big payout by Kujo to sabotage her Battle Bot. The kid did nothing wrong, in the A.N.G.E.L's opinion. Seriously, since when was it a crime to expose people cheating the system? That's the point of journalism. If Kujo couldn't beat into submission this spirited idealistic reporter, then he damn sure wasn't going to take down an A.N.G.E.L either.

Helping out with a bonus ROMP image and story idea are Remmock and Kariritaisho as the reporter Art Murrow and Kujo's henchman Alka. They are showing you the Oyasumi set decorations, and the N4RS DeSade Salon table. The table comes in either M/F or M/M. It's RLV and will provide cuff for particle chains. It has materials also. Special note, some of the animations are exclusives you won't see anywhere else.

Furniture: N4RS DeSade Salon Table [mesh] (ROMP)(1899L)
Furniture: oyasumi kinky cross, kinky gear [mesh](ROMP)(175L)

On her, Ninja Alka:
Outfit, boots: R2 enbi suit, boots - red [mesh]
Sword: BareRose Hichisito White [mesh](raffle, free)
Hair: ploom Ouch [mesh]
Armor: Ravensoul Onslaught Female Black Armor Set [mesh]
Mask: Naminoke Kitsune Men 12  [mesh]
Hairsticks: TAMA Japanese Lantern Hairsticks & Earrings   [mesh]
Bodystocking: Beautiful Dirty Rich Dark Thoughts
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Mid [mesh](675L)
Pose: Musa Sword Pose 005

On him, Reporter Art Murrow:
Vest: GABRIEL Leather Vest in Black [mesh] (The Mens Department)
Bracelets: GABRIEL Leather Bracelet in Black [mesh] (The Mens Department)
Pants: Razor Timberlake Black Slacks [mesh]
Shoes: Fashionatic Brancho Male Shoes
Hair: [LCKY] Zero [mesh]
Blood Splatter: REDRUM Blood on Face HARDCORE
Blood Splatter: Ama Lighter Blood Splatter Full Body Tattoo
Eyes: Prima Petite Daydream Eyes II - Serendipity
Thanks for your help, Remmock and Kariritaisho!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Pleasure Palace: The Cowboy Stable

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: "A cowboy, is this really necessary?" The Eavesdropping Maid nodded eagerly, her dark eyes sparkling with mischief. He sighed heavily and changed into the costume of the Stable Boys.  How did he end up here? Once the drugs had worn off, it was not too difficult for the Cursed A.N.G.E.L to break loose from his bonds in the Eden Garden. He offered to release the girl too if she would do him two favors: one show him where Kujo was, and two feed him. She was not an Eden but as luck would have it, she was Near-Eden. He didn’t know if was an elaborate plan, or just dumb luck, but he was not going pass up a gift neck. She told him the Pleasure Palace was the Underworld Boss' private playground. It was full of mini-theme sections. The Cowboy Stable was the closest to the Mansion. So his plan was to sneak inside, and confront the double-crossing jerk Kujo.

Can you believe FATEplay is one year old? To celebrate, FATEplay has released a fantastic new collection for girls and guys in a Fallout theme. Above I am showing the bullet belt and very cool tattered bottom Duster from the Dusty set. The bullet belt is rigged, so it works best with the pants made for it, but I got away with this more revealing version. lol The underwear is by Ap.Parel and on sale at ROMP. The chaps by ZED are gorgeous. You can wear them with the jeans option or be daring and go without! The Gunslinger hat is by Remarkable Oblivion is stylized cowboy hat with a Fleur De Lis on the front. It's on sale at The Men's Department. It comes in two color choices, and includes materials or no materials options as well as the xyz resize script. The bandit muffler from Contraption was at The Dark Style Fair, and sadly it appears to no longer be available. The Showdown cowboy boots are by Deco. They come with two options: full boot and 1/2 shown. The half shown is REALLY handy and makes the boots fit the chaps perfectly. The arm warmers are by Razor and they work with Slink hands or default hands. They come a with hud to mix and match styles. On the hip is the Kuro prop whip on sale at ROMP, and in the hand is the flexi-mesh prop whip given out the Dysfunctional Designs Lotus Tree. My grinning Pony friend here has a secret. He can give you a nice time. lol He comes with texture change options for the horse, harness, and rocker. In the background, is the "real" palomino and he's not too sure about that toy horse who's up to no good. lol He's by United InshCon. lol He also has color change options for body, mane and tail. The stable I picked up over a year ago on 35L weekend. It has poses for thje haystack on the 2nd floor. Reminder: The end of the month is coming soon. If you haven't picked the Tableau Vivant Echo skin yet, hurry hurry. It includes the appliers on tone 5!

On Him, Cursed A.N.G.E.L Cowboy:
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion Gunslinger Cowboy Hat - Stallion [mesh](The Mens Department)(199L)
Underwear: [AP.PAREL] Romp - Black Leather [mesh](ROMP)(99L)
Coat, Belt: FATEplay Dusty - Alternate [mesh](400L)
Pants: ZED Leather Chaps for Men [mesh](389L)
Boots: DECO His 1/2 Showdown Boots - coal [mesh](300L)
Whip, belt: Kuro - Declan whip decor [mesh](ROMP)(85L)
Whip, hand: Dysfunctional Designs Lotus Tree - Prop Whip [mesh](ROMP)(345L)
Arm Warmers: Razor Foe Gloves Fatal - Mens - Slink with hud [mesh](249L)
Muffler: Contraption Compass Tech Muffler mens [mesh](past, DarkStyle Fair)(250L)
Necklace: Mandala KOTOWARI Necklace_set_All colors [mesh](397L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Sweat: *eL* Wearable Sweat (150L)
Oil: NMJ Group NMJ BodyOil Male Tattoo Ver1 (150L)
Skin, appliers: Tableau Vivant Echo - Tone 5 - Smokey eyes (The Mens Department)(300L)
Pose: Diesel Works Drogo2 (90L)

Rocking Horse: Stockholm&Lima The Rocking Horse [mesh](ROMP)(PG 750L. Adult 1000L)
Horse: United InshCon *UI* Brown Horses v [mesh] (259L)
Barn: Alehandrita Design Our Little Stable

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Pleasure Palace: The Garden of Eden

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STORYLINE: "Hey, Psst." a female voice whispered. "What are you in for?" The Cursed A.N.G.E.L shook off the drug haze in his mind. He opened his eyes but a blindfold was blocking his view. "Where am I?" She seemed amused by his question, "Kujo's Pleasure Palace, where else?" Wonderful, he thought as he shook the shackles on his arms. "So what are *you* in for?" "Eavesdropping. I got caught listening at the door while Kujo bragged about all the money he made when he threw some big fighting match," and then she added with a whine, "They chopped off my ear for it!" The A.N.G.E.L suddenly had a very bad feeling. "Where's Kujo now? He promised me,  ...something." 

This fancy sensual build was inspired by the Dysfunctional Design's Lotus Tree on sale at ROMP. Like all Dysfunctional Designs the land impact is stunningly low at 6LI. Touch the tree and you can change the foliage from green to autumn to bare, and the flowers (not shown) from pink, lavender, gold, to red. It has 9 bondage animations and 4 cuddle animations. The rock has materials that create a nice wet effect. It's linked together but each part can be edited. Both poses used here are from Nani available at ROMP and include mesh cuff and chains. The Princess Cage by Stockholm & Lima contains 10 animations and is RLV enabled for capture. You can change it's color theme from gold, white, silver to iron, and it has 4 land impact. I am quite smitten with Kalopsia these days, and I'm showing you once more the Hanging Tree that was part of the Little Red Ridinghood round of Enchantment because it's just so damn cool. (btw, the new round of Enchantment starts August 1st). I used the red draping fabric here but you can touch it and change the color to black, blue, green or white too. It also can be edited and tinted. The "Do Not Feed the Animal" sign is actually a shackled wall pose and the sign hangs above you. lol It's from a past Fantasy Gacha but you can still play it at the Rack Poses main store. (fyi, The new round of the Fantasy Gacha starts in August 4th.) The opium tray is part of the Miss Wu's opium set by Noctis. The store has moved to New Babbage, follow the link below to check it out. The arrow through the arm is a free gift you can pick up at the entrance to the Rustica store.

Tree, lanterns, rock: Dysfunctional Designs Lotus Tree [mesh](ROMP)(345L)
Cage: Stockholm&Lima The Princess Cage [mesh](ROMP)(1000L)
Trees background: Garden of Dreams Relic Trees 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (600L each)
Tree drapes: Kalopsia Hanging Tree [mesh](400L)
Sign: RACK Poses Wall Mounted Shackle, Do Not Feed The Animal, gacha [mesh](50L)
Tray: Noctis Miss Wu's Opium sofa set [mesh](335L)
Apple: Aisling Deadly.Apple [mesh](past, Enchantment)

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I'm including closeups so you can see more details. In both pictures are Lark masks from the ROMP event. I am wearing the Bird Mask Lace, and Kariritaisho below is wearing the Amaurotic Feline Mask. Other masks you can get are Canine, Stag, and Hare in brown or black for both male and female. All masks can be edited on the x,y,z. This beautiful red toga I'm wearing is by Stitched and on sale right now at We <3 Role Play. I love the draping and the texture. You can get it in white, black, blue, yellow, and green, male or female. My vampire loving friends, check out this gorgeous Thorn Crown, and Thorn Jewelry set by Souzou Eien. The thorns look like they have tasty little blood drops if you choose the red gemstones. The texture change hud has other colors you can choose for the metal parts and gem stones. I am wearing the thorn ear cuffs but it also comes with thorn earrings. I'm wearing the badass wet hair look from Argrace. My precious wecious Snakeypoo gumdrops makes his return to the blog. lol He was one of the raffle prizes at BareRose. I think he and his black cobra friend are retired now, but so many wonderful items are at the BareRose raffle, it's worth the wait. Behind me is the must have new release by Dysfunctional Designs, the rose bush. It's on sale for Fifty Linden Friday but since sim was down for most of the day, it will be left up on sale for Saturday too! It's only one prim land impact. Touch it and you can change the rose colors. It comes in 3 versions: normal, with dirt mound, or flower pot. You can even pick a rose and hold it in your hand! Nice! All three of the DDD sims have the vendor now incase the sims are still having problems. Try here, here, or here to get them.

On Him, The Starved Cursed A.N.G.E.L:
Toga: Stitched Dagon Red [mesh](We <3 RolePlay)(199L) Sale
Mask: Lark - Bird Mask (M) - Lace [mesh](ROMP)(300L)
Necklace, Ear cuff: Souzou Eien Thorned Embrace Climbing Jewelry [mesh](400L)
Crown: Souzou Eien Thorned Imperial Crown [mesh](300L)
Tattoo body: Corvus Body Bruises Full (50L)
Tattoo Bruise: Lovely Disarray Vital Hostility with Heavy Bruise (150L)
Tattoo lip: LE:MON bloody lips (1L)
Hair: Argrave NATSUME - Whites [mesh](250L)
Pet: Barerose ::: B@R ::: White Shoulder Snake, raffle [mesh] (free)
Arrow, Bandage: Rustica Mesh KneeArrow [mesh](free)
Nails applier: By Snow Wicked Nails (75L)
Applier tattoo: Clemmm Damaged Hands (99L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Applier Hands: Tableau Vivant Tone 01 (90L)
Sweat: *eL* Wearable Sweat (150L)
Oil: NMJ Group NMJ BodyOil Male Tattoo Ver1 (150L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean Skin - Tone 01 A (990L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Snow Eye [mesh] (50L)
Pose, props: Nani - chained 4 [mesh] (ROMP)(125L)
Rose: Dysfunctional Design Rose Bush - Dirt Base [mesh] (Fifty Linden Friday) 50L

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Kariritaisho is wearing the LCKY Gwin hair available at ROMP. It had generous room in the front for larger sized breasts.These adorable collars and cuffs are by BOOM and also on sale at ROMP. The BOOM cuffs come in several base colors (pink, baby blue, black, white, beige, purple, hot pink, and burgundy). Each set comes with a the color hud to change the color of the lace, and metal. Her Glitzz outfit is on sale right now at the Cosmopolitan Room. Her stockings are 77 Clothing and work with the Phat Azz and Slink feet. Her ballet shoes are the rares from the MUKA OMG Gacha. She is wearing the new Lolas Tango Delicq that is fitted mesh, looks nicely seamless on the body and of course has all the fun jiggly physics that only fitted mesh can have.

On Her, The Eavesdropping Maid:
Mask: Lark Amaurotic Feline Mask - Black  [mesh](ROMP)(300L)
Collar, cuffs, anklets: BOOM Dollhouse Collar and Cuff set Pitch [mesh](ROMP)(170L)
Hair: LCKY Gwin // Neutral Pack A [mesh](ROMP)(300L)
Outfit: Glitzz Passion Red (Cosmopolitan Room Exclusive) (90L)
Stockings: 77 Clothing Silk Stockings w/ Phat Azz and slink Appliers (77L)
Chest: Lolas Tango Delicq [mesh](1750L)
Shoes: MUKA Ballet Flats Rose RARE, gacha [mesh] (60L)
Pose, props: Nani - chained 3 [mesh] (ROMP)(125L)
Thanks for your help, Kariritaisho!