Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Engine Room: After-Hours Gossip

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: “No no,” the Newspaper Delivery Guy said, “I heard it was a secret society behind the Earthquakes.” His incredulous friend, the Barista of Steam Beans, laughed and slapped him on the arm. “For a newsman, you sure do love your fancy conspiracy stories!” He huffed, “It’s not a conspiracy story if its a real conspiracy!” She shook her head and poured gain alcohol on a napkin and dabbed his face with it. “Ouch,” he jumped. “So tell me, you big baby," she smiled, "how you really got those nasty gashes on your face?” He blushed with her so close to him, tending his wounds. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” She gave him The Look. “Fine, fine. I saw a comet hit the ground, buildings fell, and people running out of that Secret Society building I told you about. One of them was screaming back to others still inside, “Lord, he’s coming! Reset it! Reset it!” She was leaning in on his every word, “and then?” He shifted nervous, “I saw a giant emerge from the crater. He was twice, no four times as tall as me. He looked really pissed. And he held a great sword. But get this, it was on fire!” She had that skeptical look on her face once more, "And then what?” "Nothing," he shrugged sheepishly. "Nothing?" ...“Ok fine, I ran! You would have run too if you were there!" She laughed, "Don't tell me, you tripped on a stack of newspapers, and hit the railing with your face." He looked away and blushed. "Oh shit, you did! Poor baby," she pet his arm. He yanked it back, "Nuh uh! I fought that big Angel barehanded and kicked his huge big ass!" She chuckled and shook her head. 

Head over to the Engine Room for steam coolness and gifts, today is the last day! A gallery of products can be seen here:

On Him, the Newspaper Boy:
Shirt: oni vintage man grey Jake/Legacy [mesh](Engine Room)(300L)
Hat: Deadwool Newsboy hat "1920" herring light [mesh](Engine Room)(120L)
Tattoo face: Broadwing B.W. Mechaneer Wound, Scar [mesh](Engine Room)(200L)
Tattoo: Clemmm Wretched Arms Black [BOM]
Pants: TheShops PANTS Legacy m Chinos Black(bundled with mesh body)
Head: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

On Her, the Barista:
To see Aarya Phantomhive's complete stylecard and continuing story, go to: Dark Phantom Blog
Dress: Insomnia Angel Francesca dress Blouse Mpetite [mesh](Engine Room)(350L)
Boots: Eudora3D Ylva Boots (Legacy) [mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Earring: Arts & Gear *AG* Steam earrings [mesh](Engine Room)(180L)
Hat: Wicca's Originals  Engine Room Gift Wickham Hat [mesh](Engine Room)(gift)

Cafe set: Kumagami KMGM Steam Beans Cafe [mesh](Engine Room)(398L)
Hanging Plant: Architect Airship Plant [mesh](Engine Room)(275L)
Hanging Light: Air Light_Anniversary gift for CCB_Light [mesh]
Bottles: Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec [mesh](gift)
Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper [mesh](100L)
Glasses: Apple Fall Wine Glasses [mesh](gift)
Desk Lamp: 22769 [bauwerk] Petroleum Lamp [mesh]
Posters: Noctis barber shop posters
Skybox: TROPIX Vintage Room 01 [mesh](275L)
Poses: ExclusiveShop Bar [mesh](1950L)

Thanks for your help, Aarya!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Engine Room: The Golden Express Bandit

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Kurt Jameson, (formerly known as the Golden Express Bandit), lurched forward falling out of his chair. He had been fast asleep on his post outside the Dark Inventor’s door when the Clocktower Hotel violently shook. Danger! Danger! Danger! All around him were little mechanical sparrows sounding the alarm. He cursed under his breath and searched the wooden floor with his hands until at last he found what he needed. He quickly snapped the strange visor into place over the ruin of his face once more. As it hummed to life, he was able to see again. Without wasting more time, he grabbed his weapons and darted to the window to look outside. A dark ominous crack had formed across the sky, and from inside it, something impossibly bright fell to the ground with such a force the hotel shook again. He took a few steps back. Had the device malfunctioned? When his gaze returned outside, everything was normal. He shrugged and was about to leave when the crack reformed and the bright flaming object fell, but this time when it struck the ground it was so violent two brick buildings nearby fell. He gasped, “What the hell?”

On him, Golden Express Bandit, Kurt Jameson:
Top: Deadwool Malone working vest Legacy taupe[mesh](Engine Room)(390L)
Weapon: AiiZawa Songbird Claw Revolver w/ Grappling hook [mesh](Engine Room)(499L)
Weapon: Val'More Prototype Chainsaw V.2 Steampunk Sling [mesh](Engine Room)(400L)
Mask: Omise OctaScopes FaceArmor [mesh](Engine Room)(200L)
Hat: toksik Varmint Hat [mesh](Engine Room)(300L)
Holster: toksik Varmint Holster [mesh](Engine Room)(400L)
Pet: Rivendale Aether Birb Copper [Animesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Bracers: L'Emporio&PL Bullet Bracers LEGACY/Athletic [mesh](350L)
Pants: TheShops PANTS Legacy m Chinos (Sand)(bundled with mesh body)
Head: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: sakupose+ yzk mens pose 4 hero2 (70L)

Birdcage: Air Septem birdcage silver open [mesh](Engine Room)(300L)
Chair: Architect D'Arcy Steampunk Armchair black[mesh](Engine Room)(295L)
Table: Architect Porthole Coffee Table dark [mesh](Engine Room)(245L)
Hanging Plant: Architect Airship Plant [mesh](Engine Room)(275L)
Decanter: HEXtraordinary Kraken Decanter[mesh](Engine Room)(275L)
Skybox: TROPIX Vintage Room 01 [mesh](275L)

Thanks for your help, Aarya! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Engine Room: The Society for the Prevention of Aging

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: Like most bad ideas, “The Society for the Prevention of Aging” sounded like a noble cause at first. It began as a rich and powerful secret society's pet project. They threw an extravagant fund raiser. And not long after, a gifted inventor and powerful witch were commissioned. With the combined forces of science and magic, a time portal was created. However it could not stop aging, it could merely freeze time for anyone who dared to enter. Obviously, it was dangerous. A few limbs were lost before they realized they needed to bring their own oxygen supply, (frozen time has no chemical reactions). However with practice, they grew more bold. At first, it was innocent pranks like removing the chair from under a frozen person who was about to sit down. The prank played out flawlessly. The culprit never discovered. Since there was no law governing each and every moment in time, abuse of the society's newfound power escalated quickly to all manner of ghastly atrocities.  Is it any wonder, the sky itself cracked?

Aarya and I, (Team Blogger Bat!), joined forces once more for this image. We have been collaborating with Discord for awhile now; coming up with ideas, storylines, feedback on outfits, camera angles, lighting and EEPs. Its been wonderful. This image started as an idea for her dress, and quickly grew into Time Villains!   Many interactive scripted items on this one from the current round of The Engine Room. Ex Machina's Prof Baltazar's Astounding Portal is a site to site teleporter. It uses a cool special effect you can see in Advanced lighting. From Celeste is the Nixie clock that keeps SL time for you. From Whats Lost Spirits is a Steampunk greeter and Enforcer Orb. The lvl.9 Masks come with a hud that lets you retexture its many parts. (I loved the animated flames on the lenses.) I'm wearing the Tempus Shirt by AsteroidBox. It comes in male and female fits, and its mod. I opted to hide the corset part. On the shoulder is a fun SpiderBulb prop by White Crow. In set, you can see the fun Pipework Lamps by Dictatorshop. Touch them to turn on and off, and in distance is the underside of the D-Lab Capsule Sky Island. For more details on Aarya's Time Witch, head over to Dark Phantom Blog.

On him, Dark Inventor:
Top: AsteroidBox Tempus Shirt, Legacy [mesh](Engine Room)(289L)
Pants: Somnium Mage Trouser & Boot, Legacy [mesh](Engine Room)(450L)
Mask: lvl.9 Ninth Life Mask [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)
Pet: The White Crow Spiderbulb [mesh](Engine Room)(220L)
Arms: Contraption SP1NDL Prosthetic arm *AETH* [mesh](500L)
Cane: Deadwool Goat cane - v1 [mesh](group gift)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Hawk Male - Night shadow [mesh](250L)
Pose: pose maniacs {pm} Male & Female 27

On Her, Time Witch:
To see Aarya Phantomhive's complete stylecard and story, go to: Dark Phantom Blog
Collar: Silvery K Steam Libera [mesh](Engine Room)(280L)
Dress jewelry: Kosmii Bedelia Chatelaine, gold [mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Hair: KMH F175 hair [mesh](Engine Room)(325L)

Set: Ex Machina Prof Baltazar's Astounding Portal [mesh](Engine Room)(587L)
Clock: Celeste Steampunk Nixie [mesh](Engine Room)(187L)
Robot, orb: Whats Lost Spirits Steampunk Greeter [mesh](Engine Room)(888L)
Fans: D-Lab Capsule Sky Island [mesh](Engine Room)(150L)
Light: Dictatorshop Pipework Lamps Brass [mesh](Engine Room)(395L)

Thanks for your help, Aarya! 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Engine Room: The Guardian of Time

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Time is a serious matter. It separates what-was from what-will-be. Without a present, there is no future. This simple fact is what caused the Great Time Calamity of New London. Freezing the movement of time cracked the sky. Through the fissure, a powerful being fell to Earth, Chronus.

This round of Engine Room is to die for. I can't believe just how amazing these items are! This post was inspired by the Time themed items, wings, and flaming sword at the Engine Room

The wings by Aii & Ego are the best so far in SL. They come with armor, halos, texture change hud, and lots of animations. I'm just blown away by the feather textures.   Let's talk about this lovely time themed coat by Somnium. It has matching hat, pant and boots, and a hud to change the colors. You just know my dapper heart is doing flips for this. So awesome!    I recently discovered Legacy Female Boots can often fit Legacy Male. So I just had to try this with the Eudora3D boots! It's not a perfect fit, there was a little poke on the outer inner thigh, but otherwise it works, just make the foot shape larger.   RavenBell has created another elegant hairstyle for men and women, Soleil. The braid down the back worked perfectly with the jacket.  The pants are a BOM texture by toksik, which comes in handy for thigh boots.   The earring by Quixe are a rigged fit for the Evo Elf ears.  And of course I wore my favorite L'Emporio&P claws.   ....yeah yeah, you want to hear all abut that flaming sword, right? Its Beautiful! I love it so much! It comes with a sheath, just click to draw the sword, and then touch the sword to light the blade! The flames are animated and even have sparks when start it it or extinguish the flame. Super cool. 

p.s. For Freebie Hunters, I just came from the Engine Room event and can confirm there are 39 gifts there. To get them you need to join the "Second Life Syndicate" group here:
( secondlife:///app/group/d35c55f4-6a4f-eb2d-1dae-af9665f6f4cd/about )

On him, Chronus:
Coat: Somnium Chrono Mage Tailcoat - Legacy [mesh](Engine Room)(450L)
Wings: Aii & Ego tarfire Angel Wings - Windy [mesh](Engine Room)(1500L)
Sword: Requisition Avalon's Tear Rapier [mesh](Engine Room)(850L)
Hair: RavenBell Soleil M2 Mirror [mesh](Engine Room)(250L)
Hairpins: Static Chrono Hairpin {Cluster} [mesh](Engine Room)(265L)
Boots: Eudora3D Ylva Boots (Legacy) [mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Earrings: Quixe Crusade Earrings Male ELF
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws male [mesh](350L)
Pants: toksik Leather Leggings, Black [BOM]
Head: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: Poseidon Nightmare Slasher 2

Memento mori

Thanks for your help, Aarya!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Janitor

Death Row Designs has cooked up another fun event for Halloween this year, a haunted hotel! This is my entry to DRD's the "Scarlet Hotel" contest. The story is inspired in part by my time working in the news, and discovering who to talk to for the real scoop. Enjoy. Style Credits below. Contest Details here.

The Janitor

Bobbie R. Murrow was an aspiring journalist who wanted to do a really great “School of J” investigation into the infamous Scarlet Hotel for his high school’s Halloween edition newspaper. His teacher loved the idea. However Bobbie was having a hard time getting past dubious murder rumors, ghost stories, and urban legends. What he needed was facts, cold hard truth, not stories told to frighten children. Surely there was a kernel of truth to the rumors. But what was it? He poured for days in the library hunting for old newspaper stories about the Scarlet Hotel, but at every turn, when there should have been an article about the hotel, that part of the paper was ether cut, or damaged. It was frustrating. His brilliant idea was turning into a nightmare that could threaten his precious grades.

After sighing over his uneaten dinner, his father noticed Bobbie’s sour mood. After explaining the problem, his father smirked, “Son, if you want to find out what’s really going on at a business, talk to the janitor. They see all. They hear all,” he leaned in close for emphasis and whispered, “…They know where all the bodies are buried, if you know what I mean,” he winked and leaned back to stab another slice of steak.

Bobbie was completely stunned. Of course, it was perfect! He immediately formed a plan. 

Later that night after dinner, he stalked the dumpster of the Scarlet Hotel, waiting to see the janitor when he came out to dump the trash.

It was a night Bobbie would never forget.
He found out far more then he ever hoped to know.

On him, the Albino Janitor:
Outfit: Dusty Hut Repairman Suit - red [mesh](385L)
Id Badge: White Canvas Templates WC Chest ID Card Badge [mesh](100L)
Gloves: Contraption Dapper Dandy's Gloves, *SOOT* [mesh](350L)
Shoes: Livalle Payne Combat Boots Male (For Pants) [mesh](299L)
Cigarette: NikotiN SLIM_Black [mesh](499L)
Hand prop: Insomnia Angel rotting my hand [mesh](250L)
Belt: Death Row postopocap male Belt M [mesh](past gacha)
Hair: Dura U108-HAIR-FAT PACK1 [mesh](330L)
Tattoo 1: Izzie's Face & Body Dirt & Mud (199L)
Tattoo 2: Izzie's Face & Body Blood & Wounds (199L)
Tattoo 3: Absinthe! Apocalyptic Wounds, dirt (299L)
Broom: POST Marquette Broom [mesh]
Cart: Bunker Cleaning equipment [mesh](19L)
Bodies: Death Row Bluebeard bodies [mesh]
Eyes: Gloom Galaxy Collection - Fatpack (150L)
Head, Lips, brows: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: Belleza JakeV3 BOM/Bento Mesh Body [mesh](1500L - limited sale) 
Pose: sakupose+ yzk mens pose 4 hero2 (70L)

Friday, August 20, 2021

Wizarding Faire: The Trouble with Doyle, part 3

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Fia ran up the cobblestone path to Doyle’s medieval family home. He had his back to her and was wearing a long hooded green cape. “Finally,” she panted. “Hey, was that the Headmaster I just saw leaving?” Doyle didn't react. He seemed stunned. In one hand was an empty tea cup and in the other was some kind of formal owl mail letter. She peered over his shoulder, “Oh, is that an acceptance to bring you back to Hogwarts?” He only seemed to notice her when she lost her balance and almost fell onto him. He turned a solemn face towards her, and she gasped. His beautiful long locks were gone and he was wearing a mask. She took a step backwards. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought he was a Death Eater. “What happened to you?” 

Doyle looked down again and stared at the tea cup. “There was an accident. A misfire. Apparently I am dyslexic.” She couldn’t help but feel nervous, he was acting very strangely. “So umm…, what was the Headmaster doing here?” 

“He said he would never have expelled me, but the Ministry of Magic forced his hand. Someone embedded in the Ministry wants that cursed Dementor summoning spell I accidentally created.” He turned and looked at Fia. “The Headmaster erased the original spell from textbooks to prevent any attempt to reverse engineer what I did. All of them. Every single book, like it never existed. And from the minds of all students too, ...except me.” Doyle looked off towards the setting sun. “He said, I’m its discoverer. The first new spell in over 133 years. He says I need it for leverage. …You should go away from me.”

“No, Doyle,” she tugged on his cape. “I don’t understand what’s going on, why you are dressed that way, and what's in that letter…”

"Here," he gave it at her. It was invitation to join an elusive private school for pureblood witches and wizards. “They made it clear they were a very expensive. Too expensive for a simple farmboy, but they would graciously waive all fees if I give them the Dementor spell.”

“No. Don’t do it!”

Doyle shrugged, “Do I even have a choice? My magic is growing stronger and I can't control it. Either I join them, or discover which of them infiltrated the Ministry of Magic. If I do that, and I can return to Hogwarts under the Headmaster's protection.” 

He looked down at the tea leaves in the cup. “Apparently, its a very dangerous mission.” He dropped the cup and it shattered on the rough stones. “Goodbye.” He mounted his broom and turned to leave. 

“No, Wait!” She shoved the symbol-casting spellbook at him. “Take this. It will help you!”

He looked at the book, then his eyes opened wide in amazement. It was like he finally saw her. "Its simple," she beamed, "Don't chant, Draw! No more accidents!" 

He carefully tucked the book inside his robes, nodded a thanks to her, and flew away.

I got a little crazy with the Grand Finale to the Trouble with Doyle series. Its been fun. The Wizarding Faire is ending soon. Hurry over and get all the awesome stuff for your own HP inspired stories.

On him, Doyle:
Cape: Hotdog Shady cloak Tall Green [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Teacups: Ladybird Trelawney Tea Set [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Ring: Hopscotch Magical Ring Snake [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(150L)
MaskKROVA Vitzili's Mask green [mesh](Midnight Order)(200L)
Nose Chain: Garmonbozia Write me earrings [mesh](Midnight Order)(1 L)
Hair: barberyumyum *barberyumyum*S01 blonde [mesh](300L)
Head, Lips, brows: LeLUTKA lel EvoX KANE 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

House: Hisa The Windburrow [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(1475L)
Mailbox: Noxturnal Ye Old Public Spellbook Library [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(300L)
Location: Angel's Nest

Thanks for your help Aarya!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Wizarding Faire: The Trouble with Doyle, part 2

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Fia flopped down for lunch in the Great Hall of Hogwarts and sighed, "Has anyone seen Doyle? He's missing again." Her Griffendor roommates exchanged knowing looks. "You didn't hear? He reversed the word order of a spell, its some kind of learning disability, and summoned a small Dementor." Fia's eyes grew wide. All color drained from her face. "Shut up. He did not!" The other girl nodded, "It's true. Lucian's mom reported him to the Ministry of Magic. She demanded he get expelled immediately. You would think those slimy Slytherins would love to have a Dementor for a pet, and..." Fia suddenly stood up and slammed her fist into the table. "Don't talk about Doyle that way! He's wonderful!" She ran out of the hall to her favorite tree and sunk down to think. This was horrible. It wasn't right to kick him out of school for one mistake. Poor Doyle. She pulled from her pocket a treasured doodle drawing. Doyle made it on a lunch napkin. When no one was looking, she stole it. She traced the lines with her finger. He was really talented. It wasn't right he was getting kicked out....  Suddenly, an idea hit her! She raced to the library, grabbed a book of spells on casting magic by drawing symbols (instead of using chants), and raced to the Slytherin Dorms. She banged on the door like mad. "I need to see Doyle!" It was unlike her to be so bold. The Slytherin boys were annoyed. They told her it was too late, and to go away. But she refused to accept Doyle was already gone, so they showed her his empty dorm. It was only then her shoulders fell. "...but, I have the perfect plan to save him...." 

On her, Fia of Gryffindor:
Dress: ALTAIR cassandra uniform lion [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(399L)
Umbrella: Insomnia Angel Witch Wand Umbrella gothic lolita [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(420L)
Book: AERTH Grimoire Azaghun [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(299L)
Gloves: Viki Wizard Glove [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(250L)
Skin, head: Persephone [p] ginerva skin creme browless (Wizarding Faire)(849L)
Glasses: Fantastical Notion [.fn] Astral Glasses Solar golden rust [mesh](Midnight Order)(300L)
Hair: RavenBell Gem Hair v1, crystal [mesh](350L)
Boots, socks: Cute or Die! [CoD!] Vampire Academy Boots Maitreya [mesh](299L)
Head, eyes: LeLUTKA lel EvoX LILLY 3.1 [mesh](3990L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [BOM][mesh](2750L)
Pose: R.icielli CUTE Poses 2 / 03 (179L)

Bed: Raindale Nightingale bed [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(350L)
Chair: Disorderly Common Study Chair Green [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(149L)
Pet castle, tree, bowls: PandaFace Magic House Cat Castle fatpack [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(450L)
Books behind bed: Pitaya Harry's Books [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(98L)
Owl light: HEXtraordinary Owl Sconce [mesh](Wizarding Faire)(299L)
Screens: Eclectica Curiosities Revival Dressing Room Screen [mesh](Midnight Order)(350L)
Wall Scone: Static Ghast Claw Sconce Eldritch [mesh](Midnight Order)(275L)
Skybox: Candle and Cauldron {C&C} The Serpent's Lair [mesh](500L)

Thanks for your help Aarya!