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Enchantment: Sleeping Beauty1

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STORYLINE: My name is Princess Aurora. If I have committed a crime against god, man, or nature, I know not what it was. I been locked in a coma, unchanged, since my sixteenth year. In the beginning as I laid helpless and prone, I heard the sobs of my mother, her tears falling upon my hand. The entire village grieved over my wretched fate. Three fairies, who meant well, cast a spell to put everyone to sleep along with me so that they might awake when I somehow escape this hell. But the fairies did not know I was aware in my slumber. I was merely paralyzed. There was nothing left to keep me from going mad. Not even the birds chirped outside. I have now been locked inside this flesh prison for over 100 years. I prey everyday, Merciful God, our father in heaven, please let me die.

Oh I love taking the fairy tales and coming up with a new twist to them. I thought about my verison of Sleeping Beauty all month, I hope you all will enjoy it. How many of you are planning to see the new movie Maleficent this weekend? *raises hand* But right here in SL for only 2 more days you can scoop up excellent creations in the theme of Sleeping Beauty. Pictured above are two wild interpretations of the tale. Anc has created an elegant surrealistic bed that contains single and couples poses. Matching the bed is a creepy surgical lighting structure. The lights will turn on and off, spin, and tilt. To complete the setting, you can pick up the Anc stamp prize of iron balls and thrones. The dress by The Annex comes with a corset, and birdcage skirt with flowers. The Slink high heel shoes by Annex match the dress and come in the garden style or black with thorns. How much do I love this hair by Mina?  A lot! The windblow style is wonderful hair to have for any SL denizen, and can you believe this is a stamp prize? It's also an exclusive to the event. In fact, everything in Enchantment is an exclusive. When June 1st hits, all these items will disappear! The bracelets are a prize by Boom and come in several colors, plus a hud to change the rose color. The Thorns at my Throat collar is the prize by T.arnished.

On her, Aurora:
Gown, Top: The Annex Sleeping Beauty Gown [mesh] (Enchantment)(350L)
Heels: The Annex Impossibly High Heels - Sleeping Beauty Ed [mesh] (Enchantment)(200L)
Bracelets: BOOM  Briar Rose Bracelet ROSE GOLD [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Collar: T.arnished Thorns at my Throat {rose-gold} [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Hair: MINA Hair R oosje [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Blindfold: {anc}  tuner. / headphone / vitaminblue, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High [mesh](675L)

Bed: Anc Aurorabed . 9Li [mesh] (Enchantment)(349L)
Lights: Anc Auroraoperating light . 6Li [mesh] (Enchantment)(199L)
Thorns: Anc Ironorbs and Thornbush [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize

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STORYLINE: I remember the day it happened like a nightmare repeating over and over in my mind. I had discovered an interesting new contraption in an abandoned section of the castle. It had a wheel that spun, a spool of yarn, and a tall needle point. Being always the curious one, I merely wondered if it was sharp and touched it.

Junbug always makes such great historical dresses.  This one is called Sleeping Beauty and you can get it in blue, green, black, or red. The flower vine mask and armbands are wonderful and they are the stamp prize from Lark. The spinning wheel is by Hopscotch and comes with great roleplaying poses for your Beauty. The large and small mirrors are by Unrepentant. They are not just mirrors, they store images and play them back! The hourglass is a stamp prize from OhMai, and Beauty's Vanity desk is the stamp prize from Unrepentant. The desk has poses for doing makeup and will attach makeup tools to you. It also contains couple poses. The garden plots are the stamp prize from The Annex. It has sleeping poses for Beauty as she lays among the flowers.

This round of Enchantment is different from the past versions, instead of central sim to shop you visit each store that is practicing. Look for the Enchantment sign and the stamp booth. Once you have purchased one item, you will see a stamp card inside the folder. Wear it and visit each store in this round. Find the stamp booth and touch it. As you go, your stamp card will be filled. Once you have then all done, head to the prize collect and select one of the prizes there to redeem with your completed stamp card. NOTE: You can wear multiple stamp cards at the same time to fill them all at one, BUT do not wear them all when you collect a prize. Wear only one at a time to collect. Have fun! For more information on how the stamp rally works and prize previews, go to the Enchantment blog. Hurry Hurry, this round ends May 31st!

On her, Aurora:
Dress: Junbug Sleeping Beauty - blue [mesh] (Enchantment)(450L)
Mask, armbands: Lark Briar Arm Band, Briar Dreaming Mask [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Hair: MINA Hair Roosje [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize

SpinningWheel: HopScotch 100 years of sleep [mesh] (275L)
Mirrors: Unrepentant Briar Rose Vanity Mirror, Stand Alone Mirror [mesh] (250L)
Desk: Unrepentant Briar Rose Desk [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Hourglass: Ohmai 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Sand) [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Garden, poses: The Annex Sleeping Beauty Pose Prop [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize

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