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Fantasy Faire: The Living Stone

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STORYLINE: The victims of Medusa's attack had their souls merged into stone, therefore they could not pass into the afterlife. Persephone, being the daughter of Demeter, had the power to restore their lives. However Medusa's magic was too powerful. The people remained stone. Their steps were difficult and sluggish. Some of them begged Hades for mercy, and he quickly obliged. His touch swiftly brought an end to their suffering. During their labor, Hades and Persephone came upon a young man named Theo who had broken in two at the hip. Hades shook his head sadly and said nothing could be done. Persephone scoffed at him and said, "Nonsense." She took a stone deer who had also been broken and merged the two together. The revived young man was ecstatic. He had been blessed by a miracle. His joy was infectious and even Hades almost cracked a grin. But the young man had trouble walking on his new tiny deer legs. His massive stone weight was just too heavy. When it seemed like he might be give up, Persephone said she had an idea. When she returned, she was carrying the leash of a beautiful albino dragon. "Why walk when you can fly?" She smiled broadly and handed the reigns to Theo. It was the happiness moment of his tragic life. Yes, horrible things happened to him, but with the kindness, skill, and encouragement of others he was able overcome strife and soar to new heights.

This story is my reply to the, "Why I relay" Fantasy Faire blogger challenge. I hope you all enjoyed it! This weekend is the last of the Fantasy Faire. Be sure to go and have some fun, and help raise some money for the American Cancer Society, Rely for Life. The Palace of Tears Hunt part 1 will end along with the Faire on May 11th, but part two will continue on the Palace of Tears sim until the 18th. While you are there, take a look at all the wonderful art created by the Fantasy bloggers and photographers in SL. Such a great idea. You might spot me somehow sneaking in among all those talented people. How did that happen?  lol -^

The Ridable Dragon from Dwarfins is fun to wear and it comes in 8 different colors. When you fly, he will fly with you! A shoulder pet version of the flying dragon is a donation item. It has a tiny Dwarfins rider in male or female, and dragon comes in either light and dark. These wonderful horns are by LaNoir Soleil and they have a color change hud for the gems and horns. The tribal tattoo is also by La Noir Soleil and looks great on the Fallen Gods Lacrimosa skin. The faun legs are a rigged mesh attachment for male or female and come with a tattoo fur layer from Satyrs Moon. Wasabi Pills has a fantastic new long hair for men or women can pick up at the faire. The blue, purple, pink version is a donation item. The collar and arm harness are a past limited edition from Glam Affair. This picture was taken at above the Hope's Horizo sim. It's an amazing all mesh build by Jaimy Hancroft of Death Row and Dwarfins. You can walk from the ground level all the way to top. It's a lot of fun to explore.  Have a fun weekend gang!

On Him, Living Stone Dragon Rider:
Pet: Dwarfins Skyrider Albino Dragon [mesh] (Fantasy Fair Hopes Horizon)(750L) donation
Tattoo: LaNoir Soleil Designs TRIBALIEN tattoo full (Fantasy Faire Wiggenstead Mooring) (74L)
Horns: LaNoir Soleil Designs Chained Horns - white [mesh] (Fantasy Faire Wiggenstead Mooring) (247L) donation
Skin, Eyes, Kilt, Appliers: Fallen Gods LACRIMOSA male weeping [mesh](Fantasy Faire Sanctum) (800L) donation
Faun Legs, tattoo: Satyrs Moon Autumn Tribe Mottled Full Fur 2Fitted Mesh Faun (Fantasy Faire, Heavenslough)(700L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Darius Mesh Hair - Iceberg [mesh] (Fantasy Faire Sanctum)(250L)
Arm, neck harness: Glam Affair Arm harness -male- [mesh] (limited edition, no longer available)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)

Hope's Horizon

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