Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NEWS: New Linden Labs CEO Ebbe Altberg

The new CEO of Linden Labs has arrived and he's been talking to the community via his twitter account. Awesome! Having an opportunity to speak directly to the new Swedish CEO of LL, of course I could not  pass up the chance to whisper my heart's desire!
 20h  Välkommen, new LL leader Ebbe!
 20h  Tack!
 20h  Please Upgrade SL avatar: Higher res default avatar, Improve expression & bending, Male face can morph as cleanly as female. TY
 20h  slick new starter avatars coming up next month.
So there you go! I said it! But I don't think he understood what I meant. lol *Grrrrr Twitter word count limits* But hey, some new starter Avatars are coming and that's cool. What some of you don't know is, the male shape is a morph of the female shape, aka Ruth. When I edit the shape, it's adding morphs on-top of male morph of Ruth. The result is ugly things happen on the face, things that don't happen to the female shapes. I want this fixed! *pumps fists* The simplest way to fix this is adding a Male Morph Null for face to the male head shaping options. (The null would be anti-morph of the male morph, it would be like matter and anti-matter canceling each other out. Basically, it would neutralize the male morph verts movement on the XYZ and therefore create a more beautiful face morph without those ugly male nose triangles. Dialed to 100%, with no other morph applied, yeah it would bring back the true pureform of the SL default avatar, aka Ruth face.) When I get super ugly distortions on the nose, I could just dial up the Ruth Null and tame that distortion. And I want I upgraded avatar for 2014, one that doesn't have texture distortions on the inner thighs, one that doesn't have collapsing butt when you sit, one that has a smile that looks like smile instead of astronaut smiling in a windtunnel. If we can have excellent mesh avatars and mesh head with expressions, and appliers to add skintones, and fashion people are quick to adapt to new improvements, why on Earth is Project Avatar 2.0 on stall?  Time to kick start the avatar Mr Ebbe Altberg!

UPDATE:  Jo Yardley passes along my Twitter exchange with Ebbe
"I have a huge belief that Second Life is just the beginning of something that can be much. much, much bigger. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here." - Ebbe Atlberg interview
Message from Ebbe Atlberg on the SL Forums, comments and relies:

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Drax Radio Hour broadcast about Ebbe Altberg coming to LL, and advice for the new LL CEO:

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