Monday, February 24, 2014

FutureWave: Eden Rescue

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STORYLINE: By the time he had given up all hope of finding the Lost Eden, his skin had bleached pure white from lack of blood. He was ready to die. His dust would become a part of this barren world. But then a strange android wearing cat ears suddenly showed up. She belonged to the Lord of the North. She could not speak, but he could tell she was special, like an intelligence was behind her actions. She showed him an image of where the Lost Eden was being held captive. Ah-ha! The reason he could not find her, was because she not on Mars at all, but in orbit above it! The Lord of South had no idea what kind of violence a starving vampire was capable of, he wasted no time launching an attack. During the battle, the terrified Eden made a desperate attempt to escape. She was shot in the leg, slipped, and fell off the platform into the vacuum of space. He shrieked and dove after her.

Update: FutureWave has been a great success. It is now closed, and plans are being made already for it to inspire our visions of the future next year!

I am wearing new additions to FutureWave by Unsung. The crown, jaw, and chest plate all come in either white, black and white, or black. There several material zones you can tint different colors. Each mesh piece you edit for a good fit. One of the newest items said male/female but I want to explain it's for a specific character. However, if you have a male on female shape avatar, it should work. My eyes are a wonderful new creation By Snow. It's a contact lens that fits over your eye. There are layers of animations you can tint different colors. Very cool and only 25L. While you are there, don't miss the free gold Circuit nails. Going with my bleached theme, is the wonderful new skin by Tableau Vivant available at the Fantasy Collective. All four skins for sale there are fantastic colors, like the greatest hits from T.V.'s fantasy line, but updated for the new Kevin line. This cool eyebrow by Nuuna is so goth, so Siouxsie Sioux. I've been dying to use it for while now and finally got my chance. It's tricky to make the top brow nice and smooth, you may need to tweak your head shape and brow shape to wear it. The blood and bruises are by Lovely Disarray. They show up so nice on a pale white skin. Love it. Items I am wearing once more for the FutureWave finale are: the Epia group gift arm band, gorgeous hair by Argrace, free halo by Amelie Barbour, the white version of the Blue Falcon undersuit, grey version of the Miamai Tinker Taylor boot, the Vrsion glove, and the neck corset for men by Etchaflesh, and bleached a snowy white Death Row Devine wings.

Fulli is wearing 3 awesome things for girls from FutureWave.  Pink Fuel has an Alabaster skin with strong dark brow, several makeups, and appliers. MV's Frozen Shadenfreude Skirt has a wonderfully detailed texture, and it works great with the new Graves outfit Velocity. Both outfits come in multiple colors. Her hair is the spunky style Cookie by Wasabi Pills, and this pose is by F*cking Ninjas. For blog purposes, I flipped Fulli around in this pose facing forward. I hope you all enjoyed the phototelling series for FutureWave. We worked very hard to do so much in so very little time.

On Him, the Cursed A.N.G.E.L.:
Jaw: Unsung Mechabone Jaw - White [mesh] (FutureWave)(400L)
Armor: Unsung MechaBone Chest - Mens White [mesh] (FutureWave)(300L)
Headband: Unsung Mechabone Crown - White [mesh] (FutureWave)(400L)
Headdress: Amelie Barbour Concentric Halo [mesh] (FutureWave) (free)
Top, Pant, Gloves: Blue Falcon Industries Armored Undersuit - LIGHT (FutureWave)(300L)
Boots: Miamai Tinker Taylor boots - Glare Ceremony [mesh] (FutureWave)(300L)
Eyes: By Snow Radar Contacts with hud [mesh](FutureWave)(25L)
Gloves: Vrsion KONVERT 2.1 Male Glove [mesh] (FutureWave) (200L)
Wings: Death Row Designs Devine wings/glow - light [mesh] (100L)
Neck corset: Etchaflesh Male Zip Me Up Neck Corset [mesh] (150L)
Hair: Argrace ARATA - White [mesh] (250L)
Tattoo Brow: Nuuna Emi makeup - blue (100L)
Tattoo Bruise: Lovely Disarray Vital Hostility with Heavy Bruise (150L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Kevin Skin - Dark Creatures - 3 (Fantasy Collective)(399L)
Armband: Epia Symbol Armband [mesh] (group gift)(free)

On Her, Lost Eden:
Skin: Pink Fuel Sora <Alabaster> - Lt. Smoke (FutureWave) (1000L)
Skirt: {MV} Shadenfreude Skirt - Frozen [mesh] (FutureWave)  (250L)
Top, amor: Graves Velocity  clear (FutureWave) (590L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills  Cookie Mesh Hair - Night shadow [mesh] (250L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas Man Overboard (2 Person) Pose (edit)(50L)

House: Fanatik Sky Tower [mesh] (3800L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!


  1. So damn cool! Loove it, you done well with pose and angle too

    1. Thanks. Trying to get one more image on the last day is kind of crazy but we wanted to try. ^^;;;

    2. That's fine, you made a job well done. Now i wonder is the story after this. I'm very interested

    3. Cool. ^^ I had a blast thinking up the storyline. Many ideas I could not squeeze in. 7 character so far. btw, Lord of the South is also torturing Yuu and the Sky Maiden. His rival is the Lord of the North who got Katt human rights as a self-aware android. I figure this is all leading to war over who will control Mars: the North (a symbol of freedom) or the South (a symbol of slavery). ...Yes, this is a mirror of the US history. The Civil War being repeated on Mars.

    4. XD ok I tell you some more.... Yuu, Static Charge, and the Sky Maiden want to escape to the Earth to be free, but they can't live there no more then a fish from the deep ocean can live on the surface. They have to make a choice, accept the their slavery on Mars or fight to change it. .... Our Vampire can survive almost anything, even fly around in space if he wanted to (and he doesn't *huffs*). His only weakness is the need for pure human blood. The Eden (pure human), vampires are both endangered species from Earth's past. While android Katt is the birth of a new species. All these characters are outcasts. It's all in their best interest to dream bigger and not accept their fates. ... I imagine they will eventually team up and fight on the side of North to change Mars from a slum of rampant corruption and abuse to the pinnacle of Earth's achievements. Make sense?

    5. Ohhh!! Can't wait for the continuation! So cool! I'm hella surprised why you're not writing a book! xD

    6. Aww thanks ^^ I don't know when I will be able to get back to this. Next big project is the Bunny Hunt! I liked how that story went. I have no idea if I can pull off something like that again. I think perhaps not. xD


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