Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Engine Room: Attack on Castle Noctem

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STORYLINE: In the frozen wastelands, far from humanity, sat Castle Noctem, the fortress of the Vampire Elders. It was the most precious real estate in all vampiredom for a simple reason that the nights were long, and in deep winter, the sun didn’t rise at all. Being so far removed from their food source was not a problem as most the ancients were asleep. They were guarded 24/7 by the elite Royal Guard. They were outfitted with the latest technology, their armor impervious to daylight. It would be foolish for anyone to dare attack such a heavily fortified castle. So it came as quite a shock when the sirens began to wail. 

Tonight at the Engine Room there will be party and halftime giveaway you won't want to miss! See you there at 2pm - 4pm SLT.

The image above is inspired by the cool Process of Elimination Tannhauser armor. It comes in fits for many mesh bodies, and even digigrade leg for furries too. The texture hud will allow you to switch out the colors to your own preference. Also shown in the badass Val'More Prototype Revolver. It includes fun hold animations like flipping the bullet up and down. It had texture hud for switching the glowing word on the front, metallic color, and if you want to show or hide the crossbow.

SURL You can see the Engine Room’s shopping catalog here: Shopping Guide.    

On Him, Commander Ashe:

Armor: Process of Elimination [P.0.E] Tannhauser, Gianni [mesh](Engine Room)(1900L)

Weapon, bullet, aniamtion: Val'More Prototype - Revolver, animated [mesh](Engine Room)(500L)

Cape: Curemore Star Gals Supreme Commander Cape (ULTRARARE), gacha [mesh](99L)

Hair: Air Kazura A01_Tail white [mesh](200L)

Pose: MGSIT-STORE Horror [mesh](420L)


Castle, rocks: Death Row Bloodcroft Castle RARE, gacha [mesh](45L / full set 3750L)

Small rocks: FANATIK LOFOTEN Base [mesh](1500L)

Cliff: FANATISKELLIG Mountains [mesh](2000L)

Bush: Landscaping by Felix Mesh Bush Se 1 Li=3 Shape=5 Colors [mesh](195L)

Pine: Landscaping by Felix Mesh Seasons Pine-Fir Trees Set 7 Shape=1 Li [mesh](295L)

Hill: Landscaping by Felix Mesh Winter Hill Landscape 2 [mesh](250L)


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