Thursday, October 29, 2020

Necrotize: An Impostor Among Us

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STORYLINE: The PA system of The Skeld suddenly crackled to life, "Emergency! Emergency! Meeting Called!" Crewmate Pink rushed down the spaceship hallway. Not again... not another death. First was Purple, then Yellow, and now... ? She was so lost in her thoughts that she ran right into crewmen Blue. A monstrous tongue whipped out of a gaping hole in his belly right at her. She screamed. BANG! BANG! BANGBANG! Bullets ricocheted off metal. She ducked and covered her head. After the smoke cleared, she heard heels clicking towards her. "Is he dead?," she shyly asked. The heels stopped. It was Cyan, "You mean IT. Blue died a long time ago. And you're welcome." She put her gun back into it's holster. Green kicked off Blue's helmet to reveal the skeletal remains hidden inside. White gasped, "That's not possible! Blue was with me in engineering the whole time! He couldn't have been dead!" Red sighed, "Of course its possible. How long have we been without oxygen? With these stupid helmets on, none of us can even see each other! We have no idea how long he was like.... that," she shuddered. "Umm... guys," Black began slowly. "If Blue was in engineering, who sabotaged the oxygen so we needed to wear helmets?"  They all looked at each other suspiciously, and slowly backed away. Among them was another alien, if not more....

Necrotize is open to fill your Halloween with creepy Scifi horror.  If you haven't guessed already, this image was inspired by the game "Among Us," the animated Maw from Ambix, and the many super cool alien and astronaut boots available at Necrotize. (Be sure to check out the Cinphil and Cureless boots with male fits!) The event looks like the alien mothership from the nightmares of H.R. Giger. You have got to go check it out. And also there are lots of gifts for you too, just touch those icky green eggs... if you dare!  Booowahahahahah.

Shopping guide here:

Astronaut Crewmates, left to right:
Cyan: cinphul raptor boots Legacy Male [mesh](Necrotize)(500L)
Green: Cureless Xenomech Boots green Legacy Male [mesh](Necrotize)(299L)
Red: Eudora3D Vertigo Boots browns & reds [mesh](Necrotize)(399L)
Black: Human Glitch NCHRGX boots black [mesh](Necrotize)(299L)
Pink: SEKA's Cyberlita Stomper Pink [mesh](Necrotize)(249L)
White: Cubic Cherry Dalamud boots white [mesh](Necrotize)(249L)

On him, Astronaut Blue:
Mouth: AMBIX Monster Maw Mouth + Tongue Rigged][mesh](Necrotize)(599L)
Skeleton: ZED Skeleton Avatar [mesh](Shop and Hop - Aurelian)(gift)
Helmet: The Black Forest TBF Space Helmet [mesh](10L)
Outfit: Radix Enigma 77 Cyber Suit Jake Blue, gacha [mesh](75L)
Collar: Antinatural Deathracer Biker Mask blue, gacha [mesh](75L)
Gloves: Contraption Dapper Dandy's Gloves [mesh](350L)
Pose: Del May Dead To the World (50L)

Blood: Pixelancer Spillage [mesh](99L)

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