Thursday, July 9, 2020

Aenigma: Post Apocalyptic: Cars vs Dinosaurs

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STORYLINE: 20 years ago, when Lars was a kid watching dinosaur movies and happily munching on popcorn, he never imagined how different the world would become. It wasn't just the climate that returned to the Hothouse Earth, but the giant reptilian rulers of that era were back too. So here he was, all grown up, in Antarctica, sweating his ass off, while barely hanging onto a raging Velociraptor as it attacked an old muscle car. What a time to be alive, right? Humanity was at war with itself over the last remaining land safe to live on. He was on team Harmony, and the others... well, let's just say they and their gas guzzling cars were in denial. There was no way to turn back time.

You just know I had to do Jurassic World, right? This post was inspired by cinphul gascan, Black Cat Velociraptor & poses at Aenigma's current Post Apocalyptic round, and the freebie Prehistorica Animesh Raptors at SL17B. Don't miss either of these great events!

On him, DinoRider Lars:
Helmet: L'Emporio&PL Nux Helmet & Goggles, male[mesh](Aenigma)(400L)
Claws: Tardfish Distressed Claws, male yellow[mesh](Aenigma)(149L)
Tattoo: Nefekalum Tattoos Tracker (Aenigma)(150L)
Backpack: cinphul grit jerrycan [mesh](Aenigma)(249L)
Dinos, Pose: Black Cats poses Velociraptor Friend FATPACK [mesh](Aenigma)(599L)
Jacket: Mossu Calvin.Jacket Black, Legacy M [mesh](SL17B Shop & Hop, Gilded)(210L)
Collar: ContraptioN & CX Katina Collar brass [mesh]
Boots: Gabriel ::GB::Chain Boots Black, Indictment gacha [mesh](75L)
Shorts: Cubura Jade Shorts, Legacy M [mesh](349L-245L)
Head: Genesis Labs 02 Genesis_Head_Edward 3.3 Bento RARE, gacha [mesh](100L)
Skin, head:  Genesis Labs Skin_JUNG_05, gacha [mesh](100L)
Body, skin: TheShops [BODY] Legacy (m) (1.2) [mesh](5500L)

Dinosaurs: Prehistorica {ANIMESH} Raptor One, Two [Animesh](SL17B, Incredible)(gift)
Car: Consignment [Con.] Apocalypse Car - Orange, gacha [mesh]
Sky: wolfworx

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