Sunday, July 26, 2020

Aengima: Dreadful Depths: The Crab Guardian

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STORYLINE: Down below the murky depths, where only glints of sunlight reach, lay a secret. It had been hidden from human eyes for ten millennia. The sunken capital of the Merfolk, Atlantis. But times were changing. Humans now had contraptions for exploring underwater. And one particular human, Captain Nemo of the Nautilus, was a real headache for Nectes, the Crab guardian of the city. No matter what diversion, or camouflage he used, the Nautilus was on the hunt for treasure like a shark smelling blood in the water. "What's a crab to do?" he sighed. Then an idea hit him, -- a boobytrap! He happened to have a rather nasty little baby kraken. It was perfect. The humans would never bother them again!

Aengima's current round is the Dreadful Depths, underwater steampunk. It brings to my mind tales like 2000 Leagues Under the Sea. As a kid, it was one of my favorite rides at Disney World. So the inspiration for this image is an old Disney ride, and cool things from Aengima like the Cinphul's crustacean-like armor. The armor comes in 4 different texture varieties, male and female, with legs unrigged, and rigged for popular mesh bodies. The treasure chest with a nasty surprise is by Guhit.  And the merfolk tattoo is by Lilthum.

On Him, Nectes, the Crab Guardian:
Armor: cinphul prst.comdr - sinister [mesh](Aengima)(333L)
Tattoo: LILITHIUM Leviathan - Blue/Pink [mesh](Aengima)(350L)
Outfit: NOCHE Roman Toga.Black [mesh](249L)
Hair: Argrace CHIZURU_II / men [mesh](300L)
Tail: Aii Daemonium Tail {egosumaii} [bento](400L)
Hat: The Stringer Mausoleum *TSM* Whorl V2 - Rare 2 - Light, gacha
Hands: ANTINATURAL Post-Human Monsterhand black, gacha [mesh](75L)
Shine: THIS IS WRONG Sparkle Materials Shine (499L)
Skin: Fallen Gods SCARAB Male +FGInc.+ Fortune Ed. (1200L)
Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh] (2000L)
Body: Signature Gianni - Mesh Body [mesh](3500L)
Pose: yzk menspose6-4

Chest: GUHIT Tentaculo's Chest [mesh](Aengima)(280L)

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