Sunday, October 11, 2015

Linden Home Challenge 2: Halloween

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Coming soon is the newest Linden Home Challenge in the fall issue of Prim Perfect magazine. What is the Linden Home Challenge? Simply put: Decorate a Linden home with budget of only 117 prim and have cost no more then 1500L. Sure it's hard, but not as impossible as you might think! This time the Linden Home Challenge takes place in an Elfin tree home in the Fantasy Lands of Elderglen. And not to make it too easy, a twist was added for a Halloween theme. My solution was the question, "What if vampires lived in trees?" Inside the issue I give tips and tricks on how you can make a Linden home look beautiful and do it on a tight budget. The new issue of Prim Perfect will be out soon, don't miss it!

UPDATE:  You can read the fall issue of Prim Perfect here:

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Setting: Center room, The Vampire Tree House:
Location: Linden Labs Elderglen Elven Treehome
Curtains: Death Row Giant curtain left, Phantom gacha, 4li [mesh](75L)
Chandelier: Death Row Chandelier 2 light, Mystery Mansion gacha, 4li [mesh](75L)
Dining set: Death Row VR dining table 4seat, 7li [mesh](pg 699L)
Books: 8f8 35 Stairway to Knowledge, Storyteller's Burrow gacha, 2li [mesh](50L)
Throne: Kalopsia Evil Throne, 7li [mesh](75L)
Pumpkin: Chimeric Arts Lopsided Pumpkin, 2li [mesh](free)
Pumpkin: Chimeric Arts Tall Pumpkin, 2li [mesh](free)
Pumpkin: Chimeric Arts Giant Twin Pumpkin, 5li [mesh](free)
Poster: [ free bird ] Carry Garlic Poster, Halloween Poster gacha, 1li [mesh (50L)
Food: poche smile pumpkin pudding, 8li (free)
Rug: AleyMart Captain Nemos Area Rug, 1li (free)
Fireplace: Dysfunctional Designs DDD Rustic Fireplace, 4li [mesh] (95L)
Location: Linden Labs Elderglen textures (free)

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