Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Origami: The Ghosts of August

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STORYLINE: Like a firefly flickering in the still night air, The Wasp waited to sting. The sacred jars connecting the worlds of the living and the dead had been unsealed. Unholy specters were invading the Temple of Magnolia Mound. Like a flash of lightning, he struck, his enchanted blade dispatching the ghosts back to the netherworld.

One of the best events of the year, Origami RIN-NE is not to be missed! The Origami shopping event of traditional Japanese items has teamed up with the talented folks behind last year's horror adventure, Kagami. The sims are decorated full of spooky cool ambience and jumpscares. As you investigate the disappearance of a young girl, you will travel throughout a town being overrun by spirits. The story is based on the Yamata no Orochi myth. Be sure to look for the gold coins as you explore, they give fabulous prizes(TIP: As you get near a coin you need, it will turn the RIN-NE red on your hud. Pretty cool trick!) For more details on the event go to here: Origami Event: RIN-NE, for intructions on how to play, go here: Origami RIN-NE: Help Page The last day is August 25. Thank you all who put so much love, detail, and creativity in this event. I love it! Well done!

Pictured above is the new Electric-rain hair by A&Y Cyberbunker. It took many snapshots to catch it in a full streak of glowly wonderfulness, but I think you get the idea. It's flickers and lights up. The hair comes with a hud to change the hair texture and color of the glow. It comes in male and female. From Origami is the AIR Shana blindfold. It's non-rigged mesh you can adjust to fit your face, and comes in black, red, purple, and blue. Also by Air is the wonderful hunt prize Magnolia anthers. By c*C*c is the LIN White yukata with a black and white chrysanthemum pattern. Over the top is the Fringed Knitted Cape Ombre by C L A Vv. (The kimono doesn't fit perfectly under the shawl, only in poses with the arms close to the body, but it looks very cool together!) By Souzou Eien are the Draconian Wings on sale at We <3 Role Play. They can be resized up and down and come with a hud to change the texture colors. From Classically Kinky is the Chained Collar by Souzou Eien. They also have a hud to change the colors, and are resizable. My katana by Remarkable Oblivion was a limited release, no longer available. Skin by Kooqla, and pose by momomuller / 3M.

On Him:
Hair: A&Y CyberBunker Electric-rain hair - Male - pink [mesh](290L, fatpack 1450L))
Blindfold: Air Blind Shana-oh black [mesh](Origami)(100L)
Horns: Air Magnoli Head Accessory ORIGAMI_dark red [mesh](Origami)(hunt prize, free)
Kimono, obi: c*C*c Yukata_LIN_White_2015 [mesh](Origami)
Wings: Souzou Eien Draconian Wings [mesh](We <3 RolePlay)(200L)
Collar: Souzou Eien Chained Collar [mesh](Classically Kinky)
Shawl: C L A Vv Fringed Knitted Cape Ombre [mesh](180L)
Weapon: Remarkable Oblivion Osafune Katana [mesh](no longer available)
Skin: Kooqla Knight of Rose - silver (990L)
Pose: momomuller / 3M standing_M_004_3 (40L)


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