Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Engine Room: Commodore of the Skies

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STORYLINE: The frontier towns floating in the lawless skies of Venus were full of scavengers, ruffians, and pirates. But that all changed when the Commodore arrived. He was determined to make it safe for the pioneers.

These are the last days of round two of the Engine Room. Be sure to head over and scoop up some badass Steampunk goodies. Shown above is the Commanders coat by Salem. It comes in several base colors. The Gasmask is by The Forge. It comes in black and brown, unrigged and mod so you can adjust it for a good fit. The gun is by Reliquary and comes with a hud to draw, fire, and holster. It has optional textures you load into it. You can also buy a shell caddy for your gun. In the background is the Irongate Wharf by Ex Machina. Its meant for the water, but hey, it can fly too if you give some propellers. lol  Other items I used, The Blackjack rare Airship, and past LindenLab premium gift the Marauder. Gloves, pants, and boots are by Contraption. And adding a little movement is the Cureless Senshi cloth from gacha.

On Him, Commodore:
Top: Salem Commanders Coat Jake, Black [mesh](Engine Room)(199L)
Gasmask: The Forge Atticus Mask, Black [mesh](Engine Room)(350L)
Weapon: Reliquary !R! Enemy Scattergun [mesh](Engine Room)(750L)
Gloves: Contraption Dapper Dandy's Gloves [mesh](350L)
Pants, Boots: Contraption Airship Deck Crew [mesh](400L)
Cape: Cureless Senshi of the End  Senshi Cloth Mars, gacha [mesh](100L)
Collar: Artificial Hallucination +AH+ Belt Collar male [mesh](246L)
Hat: Deathrow DRD- cap unisex [mesh]
Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh] (2000L)
Pose: yzk mens pose 4 hero1

Dock: Ex Machina Irongate Wharf v 1.0 [mesh](Engine Room)(987L)
Rocket: D-LAB sky pirates Zucchini rocket [mesh](200L)
Airship: BJK Fantasy machines SHIP Rare, gacha [mesh]
Galleon Airship: Linden Labs Premium Gift - Linden Marauder v1 [mesh]

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