Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Gothical: A Taste of October

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STORYLINE: When the leaves change color, the sun dips lower, and the harvest is all gathered, it means only one thing to Little Bunny, -- Princess Layla's annual "A Taste of October" party! Her fluffy cotton tail perked up as she hopped all the way to dark gothic castle that loomed over the otherwise sunny town. Yes, Princess Layla was mysterious. No one had ever seen her leave the castle, not even to stroll the castle gardens, but Bunny paid no attention to that. She loved dressing up for the formal party and eating all the delicious food! The Princess was a very gracious host. Bunny was almost drooling by the time she knocked on the giant arched doors of Castle Hart. ...Who knows, maybe this year, the Princess would notice her!

The second round of Gothical has begun. I dearly love Elegant Gothic Lolita, and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat styles. As an Alum from RMK Gothic events, I'm delighted to see this genre, which is dear to my heart, return to SL. Come and shop at Gothical for beautiful creations to put a little dark elegance in your Halloween.

On Her, Princess Layla:
Dress, chocker: Lomomo Oriane Dress (Fatpack)[mesh](Gothical)(1000L)
Heels: Lomomo Marie Heels - Maitreya (Fatpack)[mesh](Gothical)(800L)
Tights: Lomomo Oriane Tights / Maitreya Applier (Gothical)(Gift)
Purse: Clavis Clock Bag 001 Vanilla [mesh](Gothical)(250L)
Crown: Schadenfreude Gothic Rose Crown [mesh](Gothical)(150L)
Hair: Yumyum *barberyumyum*71O - anime (rigged)[mesh](300L)
Gloves: Sweet Tea Couture Short Fingerless Lace Gloves Onyx, Maitreya Bento [mesh](199L)
Boomers: Katat0nik Bloomers1, Maitreya, Gothical Gacha (gacha) [mesh](75L)
Ears: MANDALA Simple Ears HUTUU [mesh](177L)
Skin, face: Mudskin Candice # 2_(104), gacha (99L)
Skin, body: Mudskin Omega Body Applier_104-BOY (150L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors orchid nightfall large bright [mesh](150L)
Head: LAQ Scarlet 3.05 Bento, Omega [mesh](1500L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [mesh](2750L)
Pose: UZME Gothic13m, pose pack(Gothical)(150L)

On her, Bunny:
Guest appearance: Top Lorefield, of Ariel*s Nail
Bunny Ears: ROZOREGALIA Jyoulaty Headdress [mesh](Gothical)(230L)
Dress, chocker: Lomomo Oriane Dress (Fatpack)[mesh](Gothical)(1000L)
Hair: mimpi* hair-35 [mesh]
Tears: Cubic Cherry Sakura Tears [mesh]
Hairpin: Ayashi Heart hair pin [mesh]
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [mesh](2750L)
Pose: <K&S> Seductive lady1

Cake, shakes, dinnerwear: Andika Kazuri Sweet And Dispenser Set [mesh](Gothical)(198L)
Tarts: Mokka Apple Rose Wreath Tart Set [mesh](Gothical)(70L)
Table: Nutmeg Romanov's Golden Dresser [mesh](250L)
Armchair: Nutmeg Romanov's Golden Armchair White [mesh](299L)
Candles: Nutmeg Romanov candles [mesh](250L)
Table: Apple Fall West Village Anashara Dining Table - Stripped Oak [mesh](325L)
Skybox: VARONIS Ascelin Skybox gothic skybox [mesh](350L)

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