Thursday, April 16, 2020

Aenigma (Madness) : The Cheshire Cat

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STORYLINE: Alice: "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"  Cheshire: "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." Alice: "I don't much care where."  Cheshire: "Then it doesn't matter which way you go." - Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

The Cheshire Cat in the The Bearded Guy's backdrop inspired this image along with the Tea Party Bento pose chair and table by Wet Cat. In the background, are the Whimsical mushrooms by Celeste. All times from the Madness round of Aenigma.  Over at Neo-Japan, is this awesome SUPER LONG hair by Raven Bell. It looks amazing. There 2 texture zones, inside and outside. And since it's mod, you can add a fun glow to the inside like I did here. The hair comes in fits for women, and fits for men. As you can see above, it can even tuck under you when you are sitting. I think I will be wearing it to death along with the L'Emporio&PL vampires claws. I loved them so much, I got matching Damned Claws for the feet.

On him, The Cheshire Cat:
Hair: Raven Bell Rain Hair, gradients [mesh] (Neo Japan)(250L)
Face chain: RichB Navia Face Chain [mesh](Aenigma)(350L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Oblio Vampire Claws Jake m. [mesh](Aenigma)(350L)
Claws: L'Emporio&PL Damned Claws For Feet-B. Jake V2.0.BENTO-V2 [mesh](340L)
Jacket, Pants: xJAx Jake Straight Jacket, Pants [mesh]
Fangs, tattoo: Gauze Nightmare  - Fangy [BOM](150L)
Ears: Murder of Ravens [M.O.R] scruffy cat ears [Bento][mesh](75L)
Collar: Artificial Hallucination +AH+ Belt Collar male [mesh](246L)
Tattoo: Catseye Tattoo "Tiger Print" + Omega Appliers  [BOM](99L)
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray The Guyliners : Watchful Eye  [BOM]
Tattoo: Pink Fuel [PF] <All Tones> - BOM - Remove Nail Layers [BOM](1L)
Lip: random.Matter Glossy Chapstick - Mercury  [BOM]
Skin: Tableau Vivant Adam skin - no eyebrows - Tone 15 [BOM]
Eyes: FATE Oculi Cateye v1.0 [mesh](coming soon)
Mesh head: Raven Bell James, Bento [mesh] (2000L)
Body: Belleza Jake 2.0 Bento Mesh Body  [mesh](2999L)

Chair, pose, table: WetCat A Little Mad Chair Prop, Bento [mesh](Aenigma)(280L)
Mushrooms: CELESTE Fantasy Mushrooms Fatpack [mesh](Aenigma)(249L)
Skybox: The Bearded Guy This is Madness Backdrop [mesh](Aenigma)(199L)
Tree: The Looking Glass TLG - The Shrine Tree Tapestry Tree Pink [mesh](350L)
Tree: The Looking Glass TLG - The Shrine Tree Tapestry Tree Teal [mesh](350L)
Tree: The Looking Glass TLG - The Shrine Tree Tapestry Tree Green [mesh](350L)
Tree: Lunaria Garden Party Tree [mesh](150L)
Skybox: Vicious Decay Down The Rabbit Hole [mesh](45L)

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