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Advent Mania 2018!

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(Shown above are: 1 - Cheeky Pea, 2 - Akaesha, 3 - Yasum, 4 - Madpeas, 5 - Arcade, 6 - Bygone, 7 - Abranimations, 8 -Circa )

Happy Holidays gang! I love advents in SecondLife! Its so much fun to run around, meet people, and pick up gifts. Many of my favorites have returned this year, as well as a few new ones. My list below focuses on decor, humor, and advents with things for guys. 

Thanks to all the designers and organizers who make the season brighter! <3

Abranimations Dec 1-24 :  unisex, decor : daily only (free for all, group join required)
Join the group and touch each day's box for a fun gift from Abranimations. Wildly popular gifts each year have included fun things like penguin avatars with a frozen fish to slap people with.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/1fe94b95-2686-23a9-9b94-471774fdeb57/about

Meva Dec 1-24 : male : female : Past days ok (free for all, group join required)
Excellent original mesh Male and Female Advent gifts, clothing and accessories.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/5ea437dd-88ed-6749-375b-6cf297610c49/about

Akaesha Dec 1-24 : adult decor : daily only (free for all)
Hunt for each day's santa's gift sack, touch it to see if you are Naughty or Nice. Win store gift cards adult gifts, Animesh, and Bento animation fun. Come back in 1 hour if you are naughty.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/2ab24d9f-2c2b-94d1-8769-006a3b883faa/about

Sway's Dec 1-24 : decor : daily, past days for sale 75L (free for all)
Touch the sign to gain your hud, then hunt the store and surroundings for stars to turn on each day of the calendar in the hud. Come back daily to touch that day's gift. Past days can be bought for 75L. For more information, go to:

7 Deadly s{K}in  Dec 1-31 : male, female : daily only : past days for sale 50L (75L for group join)
The 31 days advent combines the male and female gifts in one box. The advent is located in the female section of the store. Current day is 1L and refunded. Past days can be bought for 75L. For non group members, there is a Midnight mania for male and female.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/18e33f5d-dbbe-295c-52a8-9e05930bbfef/about

CIRCA Dec 1-24 : decor : daily only (group join free,  prizes are 1-75L each)
4 gifts a day! A group join is required for the daily decor gifts. There is no fee to join. Gifts range from 1 to 75L.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/a94ddb5b-df4c-6b7b-2a48-e87e586e1327/about

Yasum, Baboom Dec 1-24 : male, female, decor : past days (group join free)
When you land at Yasum, use the teleporter to shoot to Aventland. The Yasum and Baboom booths are right next to each other. Also, there are Christmas theme items for sale here for 50L, don't miss the cool dark santa hat for men and women!
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/e6e36cdd-16ea-9c99-4313-8068290d2520/about

Cheeky Pea Dec 1-25 : decor : past days ok (group join, 500L to join)
Wonderful decor items in christmas theme, group required, 500L to join.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/2fa959e4-0334-a5c0-7e9a-837a0e8654d7/about

!gO! Dec 1-24 : female : daily only (group join required)
The Advent display is lovely every year. In the past, gO had guy items. Not sure if there are any guy gifts in the mix this year, but its such a nice advent I keep it on my Must Visit Advents list.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/c4f8b0dd-3d1f-a442-03cb-24725c891857/about

[.EscalateD.] Dec 1-24 : hair : past days ok (group join free)
Hair styles advent. Group is required, free to join.
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/52b697b7-a49f-68df-a5a0-0e33fd6aa0c6/about

ChiC buildings Dec 1-24 : decor : daily, past ok
Deocr items for your christmas, no group required, past days ok.

AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS Dec 1-24 : men, women, unisex : daily only
There are 3 advent calendars here, one for men, women, and unisex. Advents located at the back of store. Lucky boards are also located here for mens clothing, to win on them wear a the free group tag.
join group for Lucky Board: secondlife:///app/group/9d005d29-3644-8836-7153-8ee023ec2f1f/about

MoCap Dance Dec 1-24 : aniamtions : daily, past day ok
No group requires. The advent is located over the front door.

GAMES & Hunts

MadPea Christmas Calendar (cost 500L) Dec 1-25
A new gift unlocks each day in this wearable Advent calendar. Includes 20 of Madpea's holiday best sellers and 5 band new exclusive themed items.

MadPea Christmas Hunt for Enchanted (hud 100L) Dec 10-24
Catch all the escaped toys for prizes and gifts.
How to Play:

Linden Labs Swaginator Hunt
Go to portal park, then enter Winter Wonderland portal to get your hud. Unlock a gift each week, to unlock the final prize at the end of the hunt. Get the clues for each week here:


LTD gifts
Bygone Swag Pepper & Pomegranate, group membership required
Need to join group: secondlife:///app/group/cbe83c82-145e-5d2d-190e-a4bc99e09e66/about

Epiphany Gifts
Under the tree, and around the gacha event are scattered gifts for players.

Arcade Gifts
Under the tree are gifts for gacha players.

Coming soon.... The 12 Days of Christmas Advents

For even more 2018 advents:

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