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Linden Home Challenge 3: Japanese New Year

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For the Winter issue of Prim Perfect magazine, I return to the Linden Home Challenge with the biggest holiday of the year in Japan, Shogatsu (or New Years). What is the Linden Home Challenge? Simply put: Decorate a Linden home with a budget of 117 prims without spending more than 1500L. Inside the issue, I give tips and tricks on how you can make a Linden home look beautiful and do it on a tight budget.

UPDATE:  You can read it here:

For more information on Japanese New Year:'s

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Setting: Inside Japanese New Year Home:
Lamp: [[RH]] Design House 19 -Kuruwa- Bed side Light (Red), gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Seat cushion: [[RH]] Design House 30 -Kuruwa- ZABUTON (chrysanthemum), gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Makeup kit: [[RH]] Design House 12 -Kuruwa- Make-up set (Black), gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Mirror: [[RH]] Design House 14 -Kuruwa- Mirror, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Bed: [[RH]] Design House 2 - Kuruwa- FUTON, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Rug: [[RH]] Design House 23 -kuruwa- Rug (Red), gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Chest: [[RH]] Design House 7 -Kuruwa- Shelf (Red), gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Sake tray: Monkey Banana 10 New Year Sake -otoso-, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Meal: Monkey Banana 14 New Year dish -osechi 3-, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Meal: Monkey Banana 12 New Year dish -osechi 1-, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Flowers: Monkey Banana 4 New Year Decoration -mayudama-, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Kimono display: Silvery K Kimono Hanger Pink 3, gacha,1li [mesh](50L)
Table: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Teehouse Table COMMON, gacha, 1li [mesh](50L)

Setting: Outside Japanese New Year Home:
House: [[RH]] Design House 1 -Kuruwa- ZASHIKIROU [RARE], gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Porch decoration: Monkey Banana 5 New Year Decoration -Okazari-, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Dried persimmons: Monkey Banana 2 Hoshigaki, gacha [mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(35L)
Gate: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Garden Gate - COMMON, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Bell: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Meditation Bell - COMMON, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Plant: MadPeas Bonsai Tsume, 1li, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Pathway: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Stoney Paths Kit, 6li [mesh] (95L)
Water: NEKKA 0.5LI mesh water illusion [mesh] (50L)
Fish: 8f8 silent conversations - Koi Yamabuki Ogon, 3li, gacha [mesh] (50L)
Pants: Naive Design Reeds / Cattails, 4li [mesh] (20L)
LanternKisetsu Stone Lantern, 1li [mesh] (25L)
Stones: Madness: Mesh Stones, 3li, [mesh] (free)
Garden bench: SOMALI  Chaseki ver 2, 2li [mesh] (77L)
Tree: HAYABUSA MK-BT Bo Maple M1 v1-1a tf-3a derived 1 DBa1, 3li[mesh]  (89L)
Cat Avatar: [:::T.W 1063:::] maguromi cat 11 / maneki RARE, gacha (100L)

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