Thursday, April 25, 2013

Server Side Baking Apocalypse 2

UPDATE:  The switch to Server Side Baking is imminent. Firestorm has released its new viewer that has SSB code. The Official Viewer also already has SSB. Everyone will need to update their viewer once SSB is turned on. All older viewers will no longer render avatars, they will be a textureless grey.

PERSONAL NOTE:  I am very sad to report this Mac user will no longer be able to take photographs with Lighting and Shadows once SSB is turned on. No SSB viewer works with Lighting and Shadows on my Mac. I crash every single time. The Materials Alpha viewer is already out, and it requires Lighting and Shadows to see it. Materials will be the next huge revolution in SL. If there are any Mac users and/or Mac bloggers who are able to use Lighting and Shadows in a SSB viewer, please contact me as soon as possible. IM or notecard inworld to: "DevinVaughn resident." Thank you!

Read about Project Sunshine here:
Read about the Firestorm release here:
Watch Materials in action here:
Watch Loki Elliot's experiments in the new Materials Viewer:

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