Friday, November 16, 2012

Hammy Style 1

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Everyone loves Hammy, these lovable furballs are everywhere! Good news Hamster fans, there's a short and fun hunt going on right now just for you, the Hammy Time Hunt! Participating stores are: +Half-Deer+MUZISwine & RosesHippo, and Ya-Zuya. The hunt ends November 30th. For more information go to: Hammy Time Hunt.

Also, you can look at the fun Hammy images in the Hamster Photo Contest at Miniscape and vote for your favorites. Voting ends Nov 30th.

Top Left:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Parti Sable) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Dress, Icicle Crown, Polar Bear Hood, Scepter: Hippo Snow Queen (100L)

Top Right:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Siberian Snow) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Shower cap, Towel, Shower curtain with texture change: Hippo Hamster Shower Costume (80L)

Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Fairy Pistachio) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Tutu, Ballet Shoes, Tiara: Muzi Ballerina Hammy White (70L)
Prop: Milk Hall Fallen Log with many poses for hamsters and humans (100L)


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Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Panda) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Hair: shuu Yiyuan Mage Max (20L)
Weapon: *=828=* Katana (Hammy Time Hunt, 5.1)(free)
Lamp: Hippo Hamster Handheld Paper Lantern Gacha (10L)

Nommy: KU Sunflower Seed (free)
Scally cap and sweater: MUZI Sweater Hammy pink stripe (70L)

Hat and teeth: MUZI Beanie Beaver Hammy (free)
Boots: FashionyZee Halloween Gift (Hamster ver) (free)
Mittens: *=828=* Knit Mittens (Hammy Time Hunt, 5.2)(free)

Thanks for your help Fulli and Voodoo!

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